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An old bolt with something growing
Tags: Bolt mold old

just thoughts..short writing poem
mom& dad pushed me to work at 15yrs old..of course we had no electric games to play. We didn't get to sit on our butts,we had things called chores.. What happened to those days? We rode our bikes,went
Tags: S.Staley

This car is so old a tree is growing out
Tags: car rust country

Old trees growing in a war memorial cemetery at Outer Banks
Tags: Graveyard Black and White Trees Fence

Oil on Canvas, 2006. Brigitte Bardot was once considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Her deep wrinkles and bitter gaze tell a story of an ever growing disappointment with humanity
Tags: Brigitte Bardot Beauty Woman Old Mean Intense

in collaboration with creative agency Factory 311s Nicholas Hardy. Designed to bring together some of the hottest young talent around, the result was a team made up of Nineteen74.com ever-growing
Tags: Fashion nineteen74

hi my name is camila. im 21 years old, curently living in ny. growing up, i have spent several years in Brazil. i love geting paid for what i love to do, which is modeling
Tags: model

Overgrowth of farming implement near our wagon she
Tags: art photo old building wagon shed implement landscape

All 8-year-old Kelly wanted was a kitten of her own... (1538 words
checked the old stump that held peanuts and sunflower seeds for the squirrels. She had given names to many of the bushy-tailed neighbors. On weekends, she would walk down to the beach and sit on the pier
Tags: short fictionkittenchildrenbirthday

A tale of a young mother, mysterious and yet to be
people loved to point out in conversation. This is what Ive needed ever since Robert died, but Ive just been too chicken to face it. I thought to myself, The money I had grabbed from our old
Tags: writing novel house the house chapter 1

"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and for
opened his eyes and actually screamed, though the low, wailing timbre of it conjured an image more muskoxen than human. He was blind. Squinting into the dying light of a balmy Sunday evening an old
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

One of the biggest and hottest growing trends in the art of tattoo design is Hawaiian arm or leg band tattoos. As this trend goes a lot of people think to themselves, well of course." At least
Hawaiian Arm Tattoo and Hawaiian Armband One of the biggest and hottest growing trends in the art of tattoo design is Hawaiian arm or leg band tattoos. As this trend goes a lot of people think
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

I am and have been an outdoorsman and hunter ever since I was old enough to go into the woods. Growing up in a small town in central Pennsylvania, there was not a lot to do except to find your way
Tags: karchner denny western hunting guide rifle c

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
got pregnant by Dennis to explain how things came to be, when Mindy was 16 years old, Dennis was 22 well Dennis got Mindy pregnant and at first Mindy was scared to tell anyone what had happened
Tags: this book is a work in progress

Wrote this poem on Mother's day to give to all the
to ensure you carry out and complete all your daily tasks.She carries you for 9 months and delivers you into this world giving Gift of LIFE.And no matter how old or how many times she is always in your
Tags: tribute mother's day poetry writing creative

Song about a mother watching her little boy grow u
, life simply goes by All in the blink of an eye Hold on to the preacious memories as long as you can He is growing up to be a man All grown up now, my little boy, means I'm old I have lived this long
Tags: my little boy

In a small New England village during the 19th cen
his lips as he turned around and marched on. Timothy, despite his ever-growing uneasiness-or maybe because of it-took off, making sure to keep up with his brother. The moon, full and bloated
Tags: Short Story

This is a poem I wrote for my daughters while I wa
held you in my arms. Suddenly you're a young lady, yet only a moment had passed, I don't understand where the time has gone, why can't those moments last? I know you are quickly growing up, and soon
Tags: A poem for every little girl's dad

A short story of a very long night.
, but the phones were out too. He would just have to manage on his own. Nothing had happened yet, but it wouldnt be long. God, where are those candles Suddenly he remembered the old lantern hanging
Tags: Short Story Stormy Suspense.

States President Bill Clinton spearheaded NATO’s war against Serbia, Montenegro and Slobodan Milosevic (March 1999). Thirty-five years old, conducting graduate study work at the New School for Social
Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic