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A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
The Cotton Candy Cloud...... Imagine you are floating on a cotton candy cloud,flying high above the earth. It is soft,pink,blue,yellow & oh so sweet! Just try not to eat it for if you do you may
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A very brief tale of the meeting of 2 broken peopl
pinch and inch is left marked. In his sight she stands on the edge of a high cliff, in a burning desire to jump. To let go. To be free. This hopeful soldier has seen the tribulations in her eyes
Tags: poetry short story

A Poem
Race cars by Sheryl M Staley around and around they go will they crash we don't know but the excitement is high I think I'm going to cry out the name of the driver I love and hope he wins this racing
Tags: S.Staley

This is a huge sand dune, over a mile high and miles wide. People come here to climb to the top of this enormous pile of sand, so they can slide, ski, sand board, roll... fall!! Anyway you can get
Tags: mile high sand dune

A self portrait depicting my thoughts of love for
Tags: dadgirlshigh key

Me standing in front of my midget house..it is only 6 or 7 ft high..most people have to duck when they come in due to low ceilings..me & my husband being short make a perfect fit
Tags: S.Staley

Taken at a Football game Broncos vs Chiefs. He was
Tags: Parachute sky red white and blue person

Hot Stuff sitting so close to the High Voltage. Red tailed hawk, 3-20-10
Tags: red tail hawk 3rd nature hot stuff

A high-rise in Chicago
Tags: Chicagohigh risearchitecturebuilding

trees around high school & library
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
communication problems in this country. My senior year began at Estacado High School. The building had just been completed, and many of the shiny faces came into school wearing frowns and nervous looks
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Tags: way up high landscape

caity jane mullen acting resume
Caity Jane Mullen (219)-916-2505 Caityjanemullen@aol.com November 12, 1992 Training Chicago Street Theater Wagon Wheel Theater Washington high drama club The acting corps (boot camp LA
Tags: resume

Performed in Febuary of 2006 at Sunnyside High School theatre in Fresno CA
Tags: The Innagueral Blimprov show

Great view of Los Angeles from high above the city at the Griffith Park Observatory
Tags: photo photography griffith park view hollywood

This is a beat I hooked up for Syn, and he got J to be on the 2nd verse. Peep more J High music at www.myspace.com/jhightx
Tags: Rap

this is me tryin to show when i was in high school
Tags: funny

Hanging out at the High
Tags: Snow Boarding Snowboarding Skiing

Senior year of High School ...I'm on the left
Tags: Modern

...' Mollified with a yearning for a cathartic End... an unmarred Beginning, I stared Fate dead in the Eye, and flew high above the astral spheres... It's not how beautiful you were, My Love... God
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse