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Light house at dusk I have this in the Rebel Contest and could use some extra votes, so if you like it please vote for me
Tags: Lighthouse

Not dressed up all fancy...Just loungin around rea
Tags: lazy day

The church from Mare Island
Tags: San Francisco

A light house about a hour from San Francisco. This light house is no longer functional
Tags: Light house fog san francisco

These two cuties are, our two babies. We rescued them from a shelter and they have been two of the best dogs we have ever had. They are herders and they keep us busy I think they rule the house. lol
Tags: kids dogs male female cute

I got this shot of Orion over my house using a Canon 1000D, with a 75-300mm lens. The lens was open for 30 seconds
Tags: Orion

this is a poem I wrote about a year ago...
You and the Lighthouse Did you ever see your self as a light house. Bring safety from a far to loved ones who are here and strangers who were far The light house takes a beating from the storms
Tags: by Sheryl Staley

Short story of life at home~
It was the night before Christmas and all thro the house there was such a ruckus,the bird would not shut his mouth! The dog was chasing the cat a round,oh no,oh gosh the xmas tree just fell down
Tags: By sheryl Staley

About everything that could go wrong in a house full of kids & cleaning
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Nitemare's of kids in the home~
...AHHHHHHH!!! I have been caught online by Lee,JJ and there friends...HELP Me, the squirt guns are out..and I have been struck....Ewwww!!!!! My house looks like a tornade has hit it....Help me my
Tags: Sheryl Staley

My friend's Daughter fell asleep at my house
Tags: S. Staley

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
...I'm ok! I tell my nieghbor as she giggles and laugh...oh what a day...get in the house...hurry and relax! Monday comes...I look outside...what do I see...no shock at all snow staring at me...so out
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Pink flowers around my house
Tags: S. Staley

Huge spider on my mirror. It jumped on my lap just after this shot, I couldn't find it! That means it's still in my house! (9-25-09
Tags: huge spider mirror

I went out today (10-4-09) in search of our wonderful Fall foliage, instead I found Mt. Huff covered in a cloud of snow! This is apx. 5 miles from my house
Tags: mt huff first snow

Writing on a mothers life
in thru your house door...A mothers work is never done...one day you become a grandma..oh then comes the fun...You get to spoil there children hoho,heehee..hopefully they will see now what you have
Tags: S.Staley

house by me that has been abandon for quite some time,the damage from the elements is shown
Tags: S.Staley

(o;... The spookiest house, on Main Street no less
Tags: spooky house main street

This huge tree actually has a house under
Tags: big tree hwy 89

A pumpkin me & some friend decorated for my house
Tags: S.Staley