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Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
, no home was there last week...tired of the needle, run, escape...LOL!! So what happens on wednesday...I fall again...now I become know as the Ice queen...ROFL....I think there is a magnet in my butt
Tags: Sheryl Staley

This is what happens when it's to hot to go outside to take photos... This is a macro of Franklin
Tags: franklin macro

A stop motion film I directed for a college project in 2004. What happens when a zombified coke can goes bersurk? Watch and find out in this horrifying yet comedic short
Tags: animation stop motion film college

Here's what happens when I visit my local library to pick up educational books
Tags: Fall libary public Santa Phil Lee Random St

this is what happens when i get bored and play with mspaint
Tags: tiny little art 2

Just so happens to be a tree in the middle of the field, and also being the only tree within about a 5 mile radius. Its a good hike to it, but its kind of like "my spot" i guess you could say
Tags: tree trees spring field

Is a song that I wrote. It talks about what happens after you broke up with someone and, you want to start another relationship
Tags: Julio Armando JAMA34 PRODUCTION 2007

This is what happens when you are sleep deprived
Tags: Demon Room Insomnia Weird Aqua Teen Hunger

What the hell is a Meatshake? And why am I not suprised these young fools are clowning around on the job. Maybe that's what happens when you drink too many meat shakes
Tags: funny show rookie tv meat shake diner impro

this is what happens when i play around with distortions, sometimes good, sometimes
Tags: distortion bass huh stuff

I think I wrote this piece about the same time I wrote Elements of Wishful Thinking (1981/1982 or so). I wasn't really too crazy about the piece...(which happens sometimes)...but I did like the name
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

true or not
Tags: love

That sure would be a very sour carrot. That is what happens when you not only eat your portion but the others as well, keep an eye out for pranksters
Tags: Pencil Art Color

works better. Again, excuse the artefacts... Still don't know why this happens to all my web uploads
Tags: manga

colouring. Excuse the artefacts here, don't know why this happens every time I upload something to the web
Tags: manga

Here is a picture of a male downy woodpecker, which happens to be the smallest American woodpecker
Tags: downy woodpecker bird nature animal wildlife

In a parallel universe this is what happens on saturdays
Tags: sheep cartoons quirky funny

This is another of the neighbors horses. His name is Shamus and he happens to be my grndsons favorite
Tags: horse pet head

falling through a shallow layer of clouds. When this happens, supercooled droplets in the lower clouds freeze. The resulting heat of fusion (latent heat released when freezing occurs) warms the air
Tags: Fallstreak Hole Weather Sunset Clouds Sky Pe

Alot of friends take my photos and do a lot of funky things to them. This one, just so happens to be my favorite. I love the effect, it looks so realistic
Tags: Painted