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My 2nd shot at a Red Tailed Hawk. 3.20.10
Tags: red tailed hawk 2nd nature

My 1st shot of a Red Tailed Hawk... Would you look at that stare!! He was keeping an eye on me!! 3.20.10
Tags: Red Tailed Hawk 1st Nature

Hot Stuff sitting so close to the High Voltage. Red tailed hawk, 3-20-10
Tags: red tail hawk 3rd nature hot stuff

Red Tailed Hawk out & about in Indian Valley, CA
Tags: red tail hawk 3rd nature hot stuff

I watched this Red Tail Hawk take a dive into the clover, this is what he came up with; lunch
Tags: red tailed hawk lunch nature

Tags: red tail hawk 1

Tags: red tail hawk 2

This is what the Red tailed hawk was looking over. ;o
Tags: gold crowned sparrows

It was a real wet day & he was looking for a dry s
Tags: Red tail hawk

Red Tail Hawk
Tags: red tail hawk nov 10

I caught this one flying down the highway from tel
Tags: hawk I nature red tail

I caught this one flying down the highway from tel
Tags: hawk II nature red tail

A shot of a Osprey Hawk landing in her nest
Tags: birdswildlifeanimalsflyinglandingnestsky

Harris Hawk
Tags: birds hawks

this bird was mad at me I had been takeing picture
Tags: angry bird hawk

a hawk in a tree waiting there, waiting for something mysterious to happen keeping an eye out on whats going to happen next
Tags: birds stories

A Ospery Hawk Returning to nest
Tags: Birds Wildlife nature

My goal is to take memorable pictures. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then my camera must be the window to my heart. This hawk showed up on the day my best friend moved out of state. I've
Tags: Hawk Flight

Fifteen years of time spent with each other and working together has lead to the mutual love, respect, and devotion captured in this tender moment between Henry and the red wing hawk, Akua
Tags: red tailed hawk bird winged love

Chilean Blue Eagle also known as the Black-chested Buzzard-eagle. Bird of prey found in South America. It is the only member of the genus Geranoaetus. It belongs in the hawk and eagle family
Tags: america bird birds black blue buzzard carrio