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To be continued? Yes or No?
Tags: cartoon

LITTLE Superman or a kid that wants to be superman
Tags: SUPER MAN Trevor Waldron Art Drawing Super Heroes DUDE baby little

Semivector of the Heroes cast
Tags: semivector heroes

These are 2 of my heroes
Tags: Soccer PIcs

1: "What If" performed by Simple Plan on Simple Plan Song 2: "Heroes" performed by DJ Tiesto on Parade of Athlets Editing by Sean Babas on Sony Vegas 8.0 Platnium Edition and additional plug-ins
Tags: Freerunning Parkour 3Run Tricking Street Stun

A picture of Arlington cemetary
Tags: Sad Truth

Welcome to the premiere issue of a new episodic action-adventure series called C2 & Posse:Inner-City Heroes™ (pronounced Cee-Squared). This dynamic visually driven adventure begins with episode #4
Tags: Graphic novel comic book inner city heroes ethnicity culture diversity hope new beginning

Just an excerpt from the recently published book.
Tags: Graphic novel comic book inner city heroes ethnicity culture diversity hope new beginning

DVD slip for Gym Class Heroes WAY back in the day
Tags: GCH Gym Class Heroes Dizzia

my favorite show
Tags: Dustin P.

dungeon, our unfortunate heroes appear doomed. But Tro'il has managed to avoid capture by fleeing into the wood, and so, feeling responsible for the plight of his friends, he devises an escape plan
Tags: soundtrack game music fantasy quest electronic

of the woodland. Can our heroes remain undiscovered
Tags: soundtrack game music fantasy quest electronic

Comic I started known as "The Extraordinary League of Christianity," or the E.L.C. It's a Christian comic (and the only comic with a real true meaning) about 3 super heroes who save the world
Tags: Christian super hero comic Jesus God Christ

A photograph I took to commemorate our fallen soldiers, our heroes, of world war 2
Tags: WW2 world war two memorial

Super-Christian: from my Christian comic, The Extr
Tags: Christian comic cartoon God Jesus Christ super hero heroes league super-man

nyc rock band new york black coalition abrokencode gym class heroes ragga game rebellion ratm rage against the machine limp bizkit jr gong raprock roots reggaerock belize
Tags: limp bizkit jr gong raprock the roots regga

..Just grunge art..
Tags: Rihanna Gym Class Heroes

drawn using typedrawing app on the iPod touch.
Tags: heroes sylar iphone ipod touch art typedrawing

song are "Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city!!!!!!" Basically, the heroes in the ELC comic are Christian super heroes called to be the light
Tags: Bluetree Chris Tomlin God if This City Chri