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A Poem
Sneeking by Sheryl M Staley Sneeking in closets hiding behind a tree for your love I seek we must keep it secret from all to see for if we are found out our love will die so we sneek through life
Tags: S.Staley

Awwww, this little one was hiding
Tags: fawn nature hiding

Jan 20, 2004 I came out of hiding... He was laughter and joy, secret anticipation... 'Come in and bless the dawns of day', I said, helplessly drawn into the faith of fate Watching
Tags: poetry poem romance writer free verse metaphy

self portrait that I had done back in the day...
Tags: hair eye face hiding

Another cute one
Tags: HIde and SeekBabyGirlHidingCute

HIDING THE BODY SHOVE DONUTS IN THE MANS MOUTH. UNEVRDIE.COM INTRO MUSIC BY JAY PLOT1-3ra'--licorich records dude u need this comedy orientation of the open miker comic abe r. rated

I think my hair is brown with blondish streaks. I'
Tags: Comedy Print model Dancer

A drawing from a picture. Hiding in a piece of cloth, smiling from behind her hiding place
Tags: Charcoal pencil graphite woman beauty hidden

Sun, kind of hiding behind clouds
Tags: nature sun

Tower of a castle in the garden
Tags: Tower green

lines we are accustomed to hiding behind) to create who each of us are. "Caress 001" is specifically a venture into how the the factors that define one are often more easily focused upon than we
Tags: Automotive Urethane on steel female form Red Kan

pigeons in the attic... i have birdies in my room, hiding under my bed, diving near my head... and one can just almost hear the pigeons in my head. pigeons in the attic...i have birdies in my
Tags: poem poetry illustration pen ink pigeon pige

Green tree frog "hiding" from me
Tags: Frog green nature climb swamp eye looking m

Some beautiful lillies, and a bell hiding in them
Tags: flowers bell nature

Waxy Tree Frog hiding in the leaves
Tags: tree frog waxy green

This frog hid in the top of our bluebird nesting b
Tags: Bullfrog Hiding wow huge

This is a photo I took at a butterfly conservatory. Just of a flower bud not yet bloomed that was hiding behind a green leaf
Tags: Bud Flower Green Leaves Leaf

Preying Mantis hiding in the flower bed
Tags: Preying Mantis

This tiny guy was discovered hiding out inside a flower, a blue bell I believe, but don't quote me on it. So I ended up getting up close and personal for a bit - No I did not buy it dinner
Tags: Macro Spider