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I believe this Lace fly it is laying it's eggs in the drying shell of the Poppy pod
Tags: lace fly lacefly

My look on love & how I feel about
142881.txtLooking for loveWhenever a child miles, I see love in there eyes.As I look at my husband,I see the love he gives so freely without a care.May people believe there is no love to share
Tags: S.Staley

I couldn't believe it when I saw it. This was taken just off the road, in someones yard. The deer were out thick today. Ya gotta drive slow in mountains, esp. around the apple trees, you are sure
Tags: so deer

This is a shot taken just before sunrise in Michigan. It is a sight that I had never seen before and believe I wil not see it again because of the rareness of the light and reflection. I feel very
Tags: landscapewaterscapeskysunrisedawn darknessli

Poem on love~
into the world.. Your heart feels like it will burst with delight... Lost that love & you just feel broken,sad & a depressed... I believe that is why there are so many loves in life
Tags: S.Staley

little writing
174168.txtFlower..You see them grow during the spring but how do they get there?Have you ever gotten your hands dirty by playing in the dirt to plant the seedling?Every fall I play in the dirt
Tags: S.Staley

just some thoughts
are not right!I finally do fall asleep with dreams so vivid that I can't believe that there not real...I wake in the morning,very groggy but knowing it is a new day & it's real as everything I touch
Tags: S.Staley

I took this one hanging out of the car... I couldn't believe the huge roll of fog that was moving in. The sun burst was a bonus
Tags: Sun Burst landscapt

I believe this to be the Mom of the group of 3. Once they got use to us, they stayed around to see what we were doing. Very curious
Tags: chipmunk mom nature

A Jazz song I wrote. My background is blues and Jazz, believe
Tags: mandyleigh jazz

This is a image of me originally for my self portrait assignment where i had to put myself in the image a minimum of three times. Completed this in photoshop. I believe this image shows a few
Tags: portraiture portrait photoshop creative people

This is an animation I did for a student project (I believe in 2004). This is another work I am proud
Tags: animation crane dragon fable

I believe in Trolls...do you
Tags: cutebeautiful

Mi'Nu & Mi'Now again , coming to earth! "MADE EVERYWHERE ON MOTHER EARTH" We All started the same way...we are all the same in many ways! Let's stop fighting people! I believe where
Tags: SPERM ART Sperm Designer Bethann Shannon Smiley

Hand drawn ornamental lettering by Jeff Finley for the fantasy-metal band Dragonforce. I believe this concept was accepted, but not sure if it's in use
Tags: typography logo lettering ornate

It's me what more do you wanna know, Check out my profile its all on it. I got what it takes to be the next big thing. Don't believe me give me a chance ill prove you and everyone else wrong. I could
Tags: Photo's Model Acting Dance The works A&F

I love having a good time with friends and thats what i was doing in this pic. Cant you see
Tags: Peace out going Looks TV Spokes model

This is a song I wrote - please let me know what you thinK!! www.AnastasiaSongs.com
Tags: anastasia filippova music believe me song russian singer anastacia

I wrote this song for myself to listen to any time I'm feeling down
Tags: Scott Guberman Grateful Dead keyboards I Do Believe You'll Be Just Fine

THis was completed in 8hours and for my GSCE exam in june 07,in which I got A*. The theme was wraps...im not going to explain what it conveys i believe thats for the audience to interpret. ITS
Tags: GCSE Art Painting Wraps