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paint shop pro design i created to have an idea for a painting
Tags: art computer design abstract killian

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
our blood and our cultures, while still harboring individual cultural communities. But, there are some ways of communicating an idea that remain rather constant. For example: If one is rude enough
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

I have no idea what the name
Tags: flora macro

This moth was helping himself to my beautiful flower while I took his picture, I had no idea what he was until I saw him in a magazine
Tags: blooms and moth

i had this idea from looking at dalis painting
Tags: jesus on the cross crucifix

-ACRYLIC- The idea was to take something old and over-done and take it out of context
Tags: robot dark painting mechanical mechanics

A layered screen print playing with the idea of using 3D glasses to see one thing using the red side and another thing using the blue. It culminated the feelings I was feeling at the time just
Tags: SantaB Screen Printing Love Brian Revels

Idea from a camping trip video(thanks rob & beau)...pen&ink, scanned finished in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon frogs dancing spirits

I came up with this idea to portray a girl who wishes to be everything she sees in the magazines. Once again, it's of my friend Danielle, my favourite model
Tags: Magazine glamour artistic picture girl woman

A tribute and reminder song 2 all the greats that ROCK came from and a message 2 us listeners not to forget what the basic idea of Rock was all about...~Austn
Tags: indie.bowiezappa styxbeatles whoslayerdragonf

Can you tell I love Pump Up the Volume? I love the idea of Talking Hard. And it was a pirate radio theme for my work
Tags: Talk Hard Skeleton Headphones Statement

An Idea I have had since 2003 and been working on off and on since then thinking of picking it back up. what do you all think
Tags: Charlie and Oscar Trevor Waldron TV ART Com

Here we are, it went from idea to a bunch of words on a piece of paper, from there it went into a device known as a computer, typed up in Final Draft as a script with dialogue, the idea had now
Tags: Parallel Cut Edgar Metro-Marcel Films Gotti Ma

idea taken from HP adverts
Tags: weird self portait

I came up with the idea of a something being trapped in there, but to scale with the box. It's a lantern box so it gives off light. I imagined a street light with an imprisoned fairy lighting
Tags: light fairy cage

Taken by me But my boyfriend got the idea
Tags: lil tomato

This is a Thank you Card I designed, and Illustrated and a short idea i have but i can't say to much for I don't want to give to much information away / and or out!!! 8) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Tags: Trevor Waldron Art Seal SEA ocean Capt Capt

A scrapped idea. An experiment with a diferent style started to produce something which sounded too close to a couple of diferent tunes (which are not mine) so I scrapped the whole thing
Tags: Instrumental Solo Artist Rock

these are my portfolio pictures in different character moods...to give you an idea of my talent
Tags: acting modeling fashion runway advertising fil

This shot was actually hard to capture than you would think. Beach was busy of other people coming and going. These two girls had the right idea! Clearwater Beach, FL
Tags: sea view ocean beach relax