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Mixed media dimensions of faith and idols
Tags: surrealpaintingfaithidolsicons

dimensions in faith
Tags: faitharticonsidols

dimensions in fiath
Tags: idolsiconsfaithreligion

"That is an artist as I love artists, modest in his needs: he really only wants two things, his bread and his art - panem et Circen." -Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, Maxims and Arrows
Tags: greek mythology circe oil painting

one of my Idols Madonna I wanted to cover this song because it was always playing and it kind of stuck in my head so much I had to remake it!! but I love
Tags: Gothic Industrial Rock Pop Darkwave Electronic

A hard and jumpy remix of Billy Idols White Wedding
Tags: hard house hardhouse jumpstyle hardstyle edm

American Idols Danny Noriega and I at Dennys having dinner
Tags: chris sapphire danny noriega american idol l

One of my dark poems, an older worker.
the mourning of dead souls. Who fears the violent visitation? The wicked voice of gory idols; the chaste and barren, crossed. With roses and of turning screws, a Catholic sepulcher of iron. The crumbling
Tags: poetry

Article for my school newspaper, NIAC
"Boom-Boom Pow", complete with dancers in full-body striped costumes. (Did you buy the single?) Once again, there were The Golden Idols. This is an "awards ceremony" that features some of the more
Tags: finale idol 2009 article

the God who Has given birth to her, Now is setting up new idols to worship, idols of wood , stone, metals, that do not hear or see, or care. Because the united states has forgotten God
Tags: Stephen J. VattimoSurealworldblack and whitepen

Angela writes a song for the UP & Comming Anerican
Tags: American Idols