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with members of Procol Harem back in the day. He was terrific, and I loved listening to him. (That's an imaginary "me" painted into the foreground at the right
Tags: oil painting portrait figure study

a pic i made with inspiration from evanescence's song "imaginary". i used coral paintshop pro to make
Tags: evanescence photoshopped

Took me about 20 hours on this picture for a frien
Tags: LoneSWolf Tagl Imaginary anime

An imaginary Rubik's Cube of rainbow-colored photos dives into a vivid creation of color and water. This is one of my few works that is all about pre-shot setup and post-shot manipulation
Tags: Rubik Cube rainbow-colored surreal art colorf

just a video from the artist
Tags: imaginary art

A highly edited photo of a garden spider.
Tags: spider

I love to create characters especially imaginary creatures you will understand it as you will discover my artwork. This one is one of my first ones
Tags: TIger creatures artwork

baby in its own imaginary world
Tags: imagination art

I initially made this track with doing a proud to be latino song, and with that came came the first couple of lines "once upon a time, my family crossed an imaginary line, hoping to find, a piece
Tags: hip hop funk jazz chicano rap

Elizabeth's Resume
-- February 2000 The Imaginary Invalid Toinette Muskogee Fine Arts -- October 1999 Cinderella Fairy Godmother Muskogee Fine Arts -- February 1999 Wait Until Dark Gloria Northeastern State
Tags: resume

Jim Colyer writes about astronomy.
. Part of the earth was knocked out and became the moon. The impact caused the earth to tilt 23 1/2 degrees on its axis. The axis is the imaginary line from pole to pole. The dark areas
Tags: Jim Colyer asronomy stars planets moon sun g

, and so on, but it's all me. :) I'm strange like that. :P Enjoy Rock Millennium. :) On the Doovie Brothers' imaginary CD, Live On, this song was made to show the next generation of musicians how fun
Tags: instrumental rock music song keyboard Yamaha

Talent Resume
Films , , Dir. David A Cross, Behind The Wall Productions , Hair Model , Spokesmodel , Spokesmodel , Model , Spokesmodel , Wrangler , , Dir/Writer Mike Varelli, Imaginary Worlds, Inc Arial Acrobatics
Tags: Theatre Film Audiobooks Modeling

The Dr. Dishevel Show is a program about a young man named"Chester Sheppard"and he is having a little trouble growing up in life so he creates this imaginary world in the cellar in the back yard
Tags: play puppet puppet drpuppet handler

An imaginary photo contains a kitten seating on the floor surrouded by the darkness
Tags: kitten imaginary

the message at least. :) V1: They say don't pray. God won't hear you anyway. They say it's just a waste of time, Something imaginary in my mind... But I must confess day by day THAT HE IS THERE!!! (He's
Tags: hard rock athiest vs christian jesus christ

, Something imaginary in my mind... But I must confess day by day THAT HE IS THERE!!! (He's not an imaginary friend of mine!) C: If He was fake, I would know it! If He was fake, I would not feel Him
Tags: hard rock athiest vs christian jesus christ

believe In a God I can't see, He's imaginary! But I say they're crazy When logic clearly Says we can't come to be Out of nothing, don't you SEE?!?!? Chorus: You may think it's crazy to believe
Tags: athiest vs christian jesus christ god anti-c

So this tour or ad isn't real, but it is in my car
Tags: imaginary virtual live cartoon band concert