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are lost. :) The middle one is "Super-Christian," or Joel Jameson. The one at the left is "Gastro-Man," or Cory Dawson. And the female is "Eve," or "Plant-Lady" who is known as Mary Eve Regolski
Tags: Christian super hero comic Jesus God Christ

to not say hi to anyone and just be there to sing and listen, then leave, but Joel Jameson sees that She's by herself. So, he sits beside her and starts a conversation with her. Thanks to Joel, she's now
Tags: christian light to the of the world God Je

Super-Christian: from my Christian comic, The Extraordinary League of Christianity! When he's not in his hero outfit, he goes by "Joel Jameson." He comes from the planet Bibleon! When he was born
Tags: Christian comic cartoon God Jesus Christ sup

on Earth) is Joel Jameson. It was first Joel Baboteest. You see, Joel was born on a planet called Bibleon... like Super-Man was born on Crypton. He had a great knowledge of the bible and Christianity
Tags: super hero christian God Jesus Christ comic

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
and immediately sized me over and said in a totally unfriendly way, Take youre seat by Jameson.. I rolled over on my heels and began walking towards the seat that Landowska had pointed to. Ok class. Landowska
Tags: story twilightish stuff

The truth be told, the lives of celebrities are a
just below her bikini line. - Jenna Jameson Tattoos: Adult star Jenna Jameson has her own collection of tattoos at risque places. One of them is the 'heartbreaker' tattoo on her buttock, along
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

Here is a look at me working resume to show the sk
in Programs(events) for Residents EDUCATION September 2007 Current Blockbuster Video Store September 2007 October 2008 Jameson Inn Hotel 2002 2004 Freelance For Several CompaniesApril
Tags: My Resume

I love this picture/poster idea. This is Cory Dawson, Joel Jameson, and Mary Regolski with their super heroes they are in behind them: Gastro-Man, Super-Christian, and Lady Nature
Tags: Christian comic God Jesus Christ cartoon sup

For those of you who may not know, I met a Christi
gonna eat. Helps methink said Gastro-Man.After much tests and research, Mary Regolski was exhausted, but found some useful information. Joel Jameson entered and she began to explain what she found
Tags: Christian super heroes story cartoon comic G

Super-Christian, leader of the Extraordinary League of Christianity! :) His secret identity is Joel Jameson, youth pastor of the Christian Church, and a great evangelist. He also comes from
Tags: God Christian comic Jesus Christ cartoon sup

This is the storyline to my first Extraordinary Le
tests and research, Mary Regolski was exhausted, but found some useful information. Joel Jameson entered the lab and Mary began to explain to him what she found. She found on www.google.com a Dr.S who
Tags: Christian comic super heroes superheroes God

My original song never let you go with my friend jameson on the piano and me on the vocal lead and background. The song is available on itunes. just type in Nick Perry
Tags: never let you go nick perry nicholas gospel

Another attack! Another casualty! Will Wembley Survive? Pay attention to Nayland and Jameson (Callie Burk) this week. There'll be a clue! Directed and shot by Marc Briatack. Written by James
Tags: fu manchu movie serial webisodes dynamarc films

Joel Jameson... aka Super-Christian when trouble alerts. Preacher by day, super hero by night. :P This is from my comic, The Extraordinary League of Christianity... hopefully soon to take off
Tags: Christian comic super heroes super-man

this is me i love being famous i do music and im a solo artist. Eric Jameson from shafter california
Tags: Eric Jameson

my song listen up Eric Jameson and this song is on i-tunes and amazon.com
Tags: Eric Jameson

I don't usually bother people to donate to my causes, but Jameson desperately needs your help. Please check out this site and donate even if only $1 And.... We will also be holding a 4 hour
Tags: help kidney failure renal failure