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I took this photo of the Cone Flower during a trip to Disneyland. Do you see the legs in the background
Tags: Cone Flower Echinacea

Short Story..Fantasy short story on how not to set
slammed this book shut & held it tight & squished that little sucker flat! There, that shut it up but there was still a little problem. It's legs were sticking out of the pages. You know me, I like things
Tags: S. Staley

It's the angle of the shot that makes him look likes he only has 3 legs
Tags: 3 legged buck ??

Just as I said about the previous picture, this ph
Tags: Black & White Legs

This photo is somewhat one of my favorites. I love the lighting and shadowing that's going on in this picture. I do like my pose but I definately would change the head position and where the legs
Tags: Shadow Dark Art

A live improv game from the world famous Swinging
Tags: comedy funny frog legs miss piggy kermit

Tags: legs

Tags: cars

Diana waiting for the train.
Tags: Diana red dress legs smile shapely

Tags: legs

i like this skirt....it shows off my legs
Tags: legs

This is a slide show of various pictures of me.
Tags: cute legs sexy sporty fine beautiful fly hot

Me wearing booty shorts, showing of my long legs
Tags: booty shorts legs hot sexy fly foxy

This was taken in the rain in Taiwan.
Tags: rain shorts beautiful hot legs pretty 24 artistic

Tags: sexy legs butt arms pig tails

Taken completely by accident...
Tags: chair legs table

Nice long legs
Tags: Me

killed the rest of it's family. It was a really strange juxtaposition of life and death in a very short period of time. So, I made this turtle. He had two legs and a whole shell at the time
Tags: sculpture ceramic turtle