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A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
not get to all the sleepy time lands my young ones that you are going to. Our 1st stop is to toyland to pick out your favorite bedtime toy..of course mine is a rat & tattled teddy bear... But you can
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Donovan is a demon bounty hunter that protects our world from renegades from lands thought not to exist, he & his partner malidendrum( whom can only take the form of inaminate objects outside of his
Tags: drawing sketch

This is one of the many houses I have drawn and sh
Tags: house charcoal

Tonal Sunset Marsh
Tags: sunset tonal landscape marsh landscaep naked of trees grass lands wetlands grasslands water lake nature

of the universe and keeping its silence. Like a glass, above the cleared sky, when the Star of the North sparkles greatly, an angel lands from the sky and plays a trumpet loudly The sound blasts
Tags: Painting

Gallery wrapped
Tags: 48 x 36 mixed media

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Tags: _lands President_Barak_Obama Barak_Obama Damian_Thompson

Exploring Other Lands
Tags: Outsider art Outsider artists Art Brut art Art

A picture I created in Paint on my PC
Tags: incupro

on the other side.” Then, they sent Joel out into the sky and waved good bye as they were heading to their death… and their true home afterwards. Well, the story goes on. Joel eventually lands on earth
Tags: Christian comic cartoon God Jesus Christ sup

Butterfly lands on childs hand
Tags: Butterfly

What is a tattoo? A tattoo is a design on the s
culture can be inferred as a symbol of long and healthy life. It is considered a Christian representation of the Holy Spirit in the European lands. These tattoos can be tattooed in various sizes
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

A poem related to "Sanctuary" an unfinished short
Nether-tower Below the groaning earth Beyond the Dirge Lands, moaning That vulgar tearing of the soul Malicious, grinding, and hateful (Wretched) Above the screaming and the burning O, come
Tags: poem

In Arizona, deep in American Indian lands, I was given the privilege to walk through this amazing natural formation. This slot canyon is a place where wind blows through the rock, carving
Tags: slot canyon rock natural formation nature

Petrie lands in Fu Manchu's clutches, Nayland gets into a fight, another casualty ensues - all in just one chapter! The serial continues! Directed by ME, Marc Briatack. Written by James Sexton
Tags: fu manchu movie serial webisodes

the second poem in a series of 3 about the great w
The Second World War Part 2 From the mist arose a mighty foe Whose banker funded armies conquered all lands Not for the lives of millions, But for the profit of the pound. Concerning our great any
Tags: second world war poem fighting battles dying

the water flow in the appropriate direction I added from the Space Warps Forces Gravity system. I added a Deflector with Bounce & Variation custom settings to create a base where the water lands and flows
Tags: Garden Japanese plants Tranquil peaceful cult

Just up the magnificent Yellowstone River from Livingston Montana is the famous Paradise Valley. These towering peaks surround the lush ranch lands that sprawl across its floor. Livingston Montana
Tags: Livingston Montana Paradise Valley Montana Yello

**s and told to go home to their own lands. An attack of women and men on the youths resulted in the youths fleeing, only for two of them, the victim and his friend being chased in a car, cornered
Tags: racism murder ireland dublin immigration

firefly lands on a stained glass firefly that I have in my garden! I thought it was a funny place for it to land! Maybe he was falling in love
Tags: dragonfly nature