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Picture of my sister before she left for the church for her wedding. My mother dressed my sister's chihuahua in a tux, to lighten everyone up a bit. It was really funny and made for great photos
Tags: Bride chihuahua wedding

This is my Little Girl, (left) and Love, 2 of my Yorkiepoo pups, not quite ready to take the first steps out side
Tags: pups black Yorkiepoos

This photo is related to, "Purple wild flower" and Purple wild flower ~ 2". This puff is what's left of the center of those.. Purple wild flowers
Tags: beauty eye weed

A uniform left by the wall in memory of a falling solider
Tags: S.Staley

A very brief tale of the meeting of 2 broken peopl
pinch and inch is left marked. In his sight she stands on the edge of a high cliff, in a burning desire to jump. To let go. To be free. This hopeful soldier has seen the tribulations in her eyes
Tags: poetry short story

Poem of voices some people hear when they have a m
to pop!I hear them tell me to do crazy things that others would not think of such things.I wish at times to be left alone without these things running all nite thru my mind.I can't get out of the past
Tags: S.Staley

Angel watching TV..LOL~
Tags: S.Staley

There are 1000's left on my front yard. This one was on the porch... ;o
Tags: cottonwood leaf

With the evergreen trees on the left, the old barn with old oaks on the right, makes this one beautiful Autumn spot... in the Valley
Tags: old barn in the valley big oak trees

The only flowers left in my yard
Tags: blue forget me not

I took this for the sun rays on 12/22/09, once home I noticed (on your left side) it has the side view of "Father Winter" blowing the dense chill in the air
Tags: clouds father winter wind round valley reser

poem about war.
Why am I here in this begotten land Left my family and my love Everyday I pray to the god above Get me out of this spiritless war
Tags: poetry war poem art

one of my poems about the spirit.
us hand by hand.singing songs of love and joy,nothing left for man to destroy,now hear these words for they are real,they come from a spirit that does not feel,ascend my friend rise above touch
Tags: poet poetry art artist media

He's waiting for his fix He left is home along time ago He'll never go back there again Ch X 2
Tags: Acoustic; Rock

This got left out in my earlier upload
Tags: cleaning Praying mantis macro

This got left out in my earlier upload
Tags: praying mantis cleaning nature

and that left pin holes in the wall and I kinda went overboard with the dry wall mud....my bad
Tags: Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are Tina Rose

Tags: red white left nature amaryllis

street car in San Francisco, California
Tags: yellow San Francisco street car

I was walking down the street and saw this shot to my left. Not a huge photographer, but still can't get over the clouds
Tags: highrise skyscraper seattle bellevue clouds s