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This is one of my headshots. I live in New York City. I am 6'1", 170. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Looking for print work
Tags: modeling print new york

A lovely duet with my friend Anthony (Antauk). I live in the U. S. and Anthony lives in Great Britian; Ah! Don't cha' just LOVE the technology of computers and the internet!!!? We could not let
Tags: janniantaukjanniheadall the wayceline dionfra

About myself and how I try so hard to change for o
not like myself no more... I need to stay here within my own true self and learn to live again
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

A poem about mentally illness as I do have Bipolar
God Bless the mentally Ill... God bless the mentally ill as they live a life of trials, It's a roller coaster of everyday good & bad... Never being solved. For their lives are full of hurt & pain
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Poem on what's on my mind right now
The Dream I had a vivid dream where reality hit home I live my life through thick and thin but the dream was dark and from within how weird it is to dream of this and it all started with a kiss
Tags: S. Staley

Just checking to see if trolls really do live under bridges or not..hee hee
Tags: S. Staley

Where I live, through the trees
Tags: my kind of town

This is my first video that I made just for YouTube in a long time. I hope you like it. It's weird singing for a camera instead of in front of live people. I gotta do more of this. It's good practice
Tags: Rascal Flats Why Tina Rose Cover

just thoughts..short writing poem
wonder as I have forgotten.... Teens today not many work,atleast not many that I know.... I'm sure there are a few that do,I see them out there but the others live off mom & dad.. When I was young
Tags: S.Staley

Live. I love them both. Have been a lifetime Fan. Congrads goes out to Betty White SNL and Facebook Members around the globe. I thank you Angela Warner Be sure to tune in on May 8th 2010
Tags: Saturday night live & Betty White Will Be On SNL

Black & white of Mt. Huff, Plumas County, CA, March 26,2010 I didn't notice the face until Janese pointed it out to me. I live in Indian Valley, so we'll call him Indian Head 2. There is another
Tags: mt huff black white plumas county ca

live up north
Tags: be cool

This is a model horse and carriage that is on a road by where I live..it is huge
Tags: Horse and carriage

This gas station is all set up old fashion and sit
Tags: gas station by where I live

caity jane mullen acting resume
Height: 56 Eyes: blue weight: 118lbs Live theater Wonderful life Zuzu Chicago street theater Wonderful life Zuzu Wagon wheel theater Annie Annie Chicago street theater Annie Annie Wagon wheel
Tags: resume

Live today so you have no regrets tomorrow
Tags: @Instag_app #Instag_app #spiritual #faith #fai

This is some footage from the Feb. 24th show @ Sta
Tags: Nuzik Entertainment Capital Z A. Chilla Apeh Ja

This is like our anthem alot of people know it and guaranteed if you see us live we'll have around 3 people on stage singing with us
Tags: Night Party Fun Summer

My rendition of a Zeppelin classic recorded live at The Snowed Inn in Park City, Utah
Tags: Led Zeppelin Hey What Can I Do Chris Ellio

Another one recorded live at The Snowed Inn
Tags: Chris Elliott Jimi Hendrix Wind Cries Mary