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The first skit I directed, produced, and filmed for my short lived show, RetroRich
Tags: retro nostalgia video games retrorich


A poem on my cats...
My Cats.. My cats are warm & furry.. soft & nice to pet... I love them so much.. I do not regret saving them from a life where they would not of lived~ For my cats were orphans & the people who had
Tags: S.Staley

Tags: babies baby health nice silent birth silence

. Unfortunately, when we fired for that project, I messed up and turned the kiln up WAY too quickly and my poor turtle lost a leg and half of his shell. The deer, however, lived (yet again). Needless to say
Tags: sculpture ceramic turtle

lived, ate, slept, and drunk music and he was such a commited and powerful musician and i wanted it to show in this piece. Coltrane would have been 80 years old had he still be alive today. He died
Tags: jazz music classical john coltrane tenor sax

A cartoon I made about mice. Mice who lived in my house
Tags: mice cartoon corey

Several years ago I lost a dear friend. Her name was Andra Ohman, she was one of the very first models that I worked with when I lived in Las Vegas. She was 23 years old when she passed. She
Tags: andra angel nebula space angelic goddess blu

She lived for a while, and I killed her. It was a statement! Being this beautiful and voluptuous, she gained more fames/artwork in 2 days than I did in a month (with MY artwork). She got 5 fans (all
Tags: Sexist sex Veronique Damien Veronique Damien

this portrait is of the late david roberts [sam whopassed away in 2008, he lived to his eighties having spent all his working life down a Welsh coalmine in North Wales, Wrexham ,Wales ,uk
Tags: portraits.

Taken in tne courtyard of the apt. building I lived in Phoenix,Az. 1989
Tags: Nature Imagery

This is an acrylic painting of an owl that lived next to our gargae on the shed door for a few weeks allowed me to take many photos, done on 11x14 wrap canvas. This is For Sale
Tags: Acrylic Painting ArtAnimal Owl

Everyone has been depressed. Well this song was how i lived my life for the months after my ex fiances death
Tags: stalkindizzy

this praying mantis was so comfortable with me, i was able to get shots from just inches away. it stayed, and lived on my back porch for weeks
Tags: praying mantis

I lived in the the UK for 4 years and this is one of many photographs I took. I loved the sunsets in Dorset
Tags: sunset poole dorset england harbour

praying mantis that lived on my porch, night shot
Tags: mantis

. They have lived with us since they were 5 weeks old. They are adorable and we are lucky to have them
Tags: kitten cat rescue sisters sweet animal furry

my daughter, born 6 weeks early, 4 lbs. in the first month of her life she lived at the hospital
Tags: baby

Even the smallest glimpses of Nature bring beauty.
Tags: beauty antiquated history nature landscape se

This is my first son who is in the Heavenlies now. He was a heart patient, and even though his heart didn't make it hear on earth it is large in Heaven. He would be 13 if he had lived past 8 months
Tags: slumbering