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Living in a small mountain town, it's very common to see deer. This one crossed the road in front of me. I stopped, rolled down the window and whistled at her. She stopped and looked directly
Tags: deer

A poem I wrote about how I think about things
As I ponder as I sit and ponder my mind starts to wander I day dream of the past and look toward the future from a glass today is the day I start living
Tags: by sheryl Staley

some live stuff in the living room
Tags: Music live acoustic love jeremy francis anewairs

This is one of the songs that I've written. It could definitely use a re-record and fine-tuning, especially since it was recorded in my living room [haha] but whatever
Tags: Acoustic

Farmers living way of life
Tags: Bohol Fields

the second song of our new demo
Tags: Living Tonight Rock The Black Mamba The Bald Session

God's Word Living and Real. Duet
Tags: christian mellow

Is a song that I wrote. It talks about what happen
Tags: Julio Armando JAMA34 PRODUCTION 2007

A.J. Living It Up
Tags: 7879

"I'm living my life on the road in the spotlights, 'N' right before I take the stage, I think about your face." From "The Road" copyright 2007
Tags: road song

Longhorn The Comedian is the only Black Cowboy Comedian in The World, maybe ever. He mixes his life as a black cowboy and urban living together to give you the world as he sees
Tags: Comedy Black Cowboy Comedian St Louis Alton

A song about friendship.
Tags: memory living in a anastasia anastacia filippova fillipova filipova russian singer songwriter

Is an empty space between Where I left my soul To survive And often I forget That I’m here Breathing and being So is this what they call Living… In-between of dreams Laughter only brings me
Tags: voice of the in-between acoustic songwriting

I wrote this song while living in northern Greenland, with not much to do in my free time except play around with my guitar and laptop. I'm surely no performer, but I enjoyed the experience
Tags: Songwriting Pop Alternative Music

Living the elements
Tags: Jungle

Lissa Lauria is an 18 year old, actress/singer/songwriter who is a NY native, now living in Los Angeles. Her love of the Arts is shown through her ability to move someone to tears, but also having
Tags: actress singer songwriter drama comedy sitcom

This was an early attempt at using oils ( not that I have done so many more, life always finds a way to stop me living). I dont too much enjoy seeing myself in the mirror... look at the eyes
Tags: Self portrait man oils canvas artist mirror

This song is about living the ganger lifestyle
Tags: life that living fort lauderdale florida

I drive for a living and I got tickets
Tags: mark christopher music

on the corner of 5th Ave and 56th Street in NYC most every night when I was living there back in the 70's. I'd go listen to him every night I could after I got out of class at the League. He was playing
Tags: oil painting portrait figure study