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Living in a small mountain town, it's very common to see deer. This one crossed the road in front of me. I stopped, rolled down the window and whistled at her. She stopped and looked directly
Tags: deer

This tiny wild flower is approximately 1 inch. My Mother tells me it's called a "Shooting Star". I looked it up, she's right
Tags: purple wild flowers

My Niece taking a bath. She looked very serious. Too Funny
Tags: Pink Bow

my buddy just moving around at 3 month old,thought she looked like she is waving
Tags: S.Staley

Short story of one of my days
fishing pole..he told me the same is true with them..his eye sparkled when he showed it to me. He had made it himself 45yrs ago...it looked brand new to me!! Not a bit of dust or nick in it. He said
Tags: S.Staley

Spider still spinning a bug up..not sure which pic. looked better..actually I don't think either do but I did get a bit closer
Tags: S.staley

some ice in front of my house..thought it looked neat but I thought it was taken down the gutter , it wasn't,that is actual water coming out of the gutter to make it look like a water fall
Tags: S.Staley

just thoughts..short writing poem
. Is this the reason our children are lazy? Cell phones LOL...never had them either..you were given a time limit on the phone then you were cut off. I look at my children today & wonder if my parents looked at me
Tags: S.Staley

River Otter... I saw it for the first time today, swimming down a creek, I thought it was a little log at first, then saw it move, lucky for me it was moving towards me. It looked to me
Tags: river otter nature

This little guy ran down the fence line, looked like he was in a race by himself
Tags: black headed grossbeck

' but while I suited the part the director thought I looked a little too 'thoughful' and not savage enough....if he only knew! My father was from San Sabastion in Spain who's name was Diago Zabrorra so
Tags: This is me for at 50! for better or worse

This piece was for my GCSE Mock, I studied about Surrealism, and from there on i looked at Dali's work. From one of his paintings i adapted my subject into it (which was skulls). For this exam i got
Tags: Skull Dali

-PLASTER AND ACRYLIC- I made a piece of plaster and hit it with a hammer and some chisels until it looked interesting. Unfortunately I can only upload one view, but it looks cool from every angle
Tags: sculpture

This is from a comic book. I forgot what it was called but I thought it looked really cool so I drew
Tags: wolf sean gordon shonsta comic book drawing

I thought this one looked a little like it was from soap opera or something
Tags: sean gordon couch soap opera hot guy model

This is my first self portrait. I do not like taking pictures so I decided that if anyone could take a picture that I looked good in it would be myself
Tags: self portrait photography

This is just a picture I took, I thought it looked pretty...I love orchids
Tags: Me

Camping at Lake Mead on house boats when a storm hit And this is what it looked like right after
Tags: Lake Mead after a gnarly storm rainbow wate

This is a mixed-media sculpture meant to be displayed on the gallery floor and looked down upon. It was completed in 2007. The piece is composed of foam, concrete, steel fencing, and lava rocks
Tags: scale beautiful mixed-media sculpture concret

I drew this wondering what the evil inside really looked like. I'd meet em, wouldn't you
Tags: dark demon monster drawing sketch pencil gra