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My niece Elise in the cornstalk maze at a local farm in the fall
Tags: headshot cornstalk

A woman i know. A woman of many shapes, colours, t
Tags: love hate people person colours maze shapes forms

take a trip back into Franky Beverly and MAZE
Tags: beat

indiana beach.
Tags: alex bohs photography

the wind. Shivering in the decline of December, He walks Monday alone in a maze. An old woman listens vacantly to sibilant whispers. Locked into herself, and into wistful recollections, She
Tags: art poetry depression mental illness Sarah Bur

A story about a man who finds himself contesting w
at his mind that there was something hed lost in the maze that he had to find. and he moved forward, not knowing what lay before him. It struck him that maybe the sense of having lost something
Tags: Coma maze labyrinth puzzle

Grass maze
Tags: grass

I worry too much, I admit it. So I wrote a poem de
In the depths of your stomach I cannot breathe Air cannot squeeze through This constricted maze of thread That is inside of me I want to sink into The sweet oblivion of sleep But my mind is too busy And my
Tags: dread worry

Tags: maze France

a maze of events in ones life
Tags: figurative

Poor little ant got lost in the maze
Tags: Ant Weed

In time for the upcoming season, as well as for our recently passed Halloween...Pumpkins...squash....maze...and MORE!!! :) I honestly had a blast at Safeway doing what comes most natural
Tags: Autumn Winter Holiday Season Halloween ThanksG

I LOVE this type of 'Corn-on-the-Cob'!!! MAZE is so BEAUTIFUL...just like a rainbow of corn, tee hee :D
Tags: Autumn Winter Holiday Season Halloween ThanksGiving Maze

Something my kids LOVE to find in their chinese food...that little itty bitty minature corn...I had NO Idea that maze came in this size lmao!!! :D
Tags: Autumn Winter Holiday Season Halloween ThanksGiving Maze

Here's the Halloween/Autumn stand at Safeway... :)
Tags: Autumn Winter Holiday Season Halloween ThanksGiving Pumpkins Maze Squash

Driving on Black Rock Lodge road in Belize
Tags: belize trees black rock lodge

A short story poem of a princess and her prince
flowing like a moving maze, Medusa can be turned to stone by the reflection in her eyes, Shes the Immortal Princess of Blood, And shes looking for her Immortal Prince, She comes across a boy, About
Tags: Bringers of Doom