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, Tracktion 3, my M-Audio KeyRig 49 key midi controller, Garritan Personal Orchestra, and LinPlug's CronoX 3 Synth (Arpeggiator synth sounds
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

This is a more gazey tune, sort of Dream-Popish. All instrumentation is midi on this one
Tags: Trippy Psychedelic Rock Shoegaze Maldonado Am

is me saying "C'mon." There's no real instruments or anything, just all MIDI from my computer. There is a cool brass and string section, but that's MIDI as well. :) -here is the comment from acid
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports video games f-

guitars, trombones, and trumpets, but the trumpet is what I'm best at musically. The only things that are MIDI in this song are drums, bass, and some strings at the end. So basically, it's like hearing
Tags: christmas we three kings trumpet guitar trom

, play all guitars besides electric, and play trumpet at the beginning. Everything else is MIDI. Here lately, I've been experimenting with the upper regester of my voice. If you listen to my other
Tags: Chris Tomlin Enough God Jesus Christ Christi

by MIDI instruments. The sax is on the left speaker while the trumpet part is on the right speaker (don't get confused with the trumpet on the left speaker, that's in the background accompanyment) I
Tags: old hymn God Jesus Christ Christian trumpet

it, it's my MIDI version of it for the band to practice with. We first performed this for our church outside... as well as a well known hymn... I can't remember what it was, but we just randomly put
Tags: youth band praise worship songs Christian Go

and acoustic guitars... not the electric one. Everything else was MIDI. Verse 1: I've been looking for a reason to say to you, But the only thing I could think of to say Is sorry, forgive me
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic the bad guy Doovie

, alto saxophone, trombone, piano, and bass solos (these instruments are MIDI... the guitar is real though) P.S. - I'm not too crazy about this song, but I do however like the solos in the bridge
Tags: The Doovie Brothers latin dance Maria trumpe

and background... all vocals you hear) and play guitars (my lead guitar playing stinks!). The rest is MIDI. I also changed the lyrics a bit since the time I first wrote it (the verses). Verse 1: I’ll wait
Tags: Christian waiting for God Jesus Christ retur

Drums & bass electronically produced via MIDI. Guitars and lyrics by Kendall Spencer & Jason Scott. Vocals by Jason Scott
Tags: 3

Heard this song in a dream. All parts created via MIDI
Tags: 2

this project to turn out anything like this. All other instrumentation via MIDI. Lead and backup vocals by me
Tags: 4

Lyrics by Kendall Spencer. All instrumentation (except lead guitar) via MIDI. Lead and backup vocals by me. Lead guitar by Steve Moss
Tags: 1

characteristic of stradegy, but when they attack, they attack hard! And NO, none of these instruments on this recording are actually played. They're MIDI. They sound so real, don't they... kinda
Tags: Dune 2000 War comic Red Alert 2 computer g

a little more since and rhyhme better)(spelling?). Guitars were played by me, but everything else is MIDI from Majix Music Maker 14
Tags: Proof of God Christianity Christian Jesus Ch

my original song in MIDI version
Tags: the magic word midi version original song piano

using MIDI instruments and a web cam microphone. :P This way, I can sing out more and sound better than I would holding my voice back. So yea, getting back to this picture... I don't know
Tags: Christian Christianity God Jesus Christ comic

all guitars at least... others like piano, bass, and drums are MIDI. I'm acting as 7 different people... that's why it sounds like I'm talking to myself... which is basically what I'm doing. :P
Tags: live concert worship music praise song Chris

An 80-minute continuously-mixed progressive house
Tags: MIDI Queen progressive house house trance DJ mix set mixset DJ