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I find the Towhee amazing for there amazing RED eyes. This little guy is missing part of his upper beak. He's a regular at the seed bow
Tags: Dark headed Towhee

This photo was obviously taken on a cloudy day. I kept going back to this photo because I felt I was missing something. Then I saw him..the profile of a man, his perfect nose, hair, ear, jawline
Tags: cloudsskyformationsmanprofilenoseeyecloakh

My dogs discovered this on our porch, it took a while to realize it was missing a wing. I put him on the flower, took a few photos, then he fell into the obis
Tags: 1 wing bee macro

check out some hot music
Tags: we r back nigga

this is just a drawing i did when i was bored.
Tags: pencil

Ok I need help here, this is an out-line of the song, there is liek synth missing in the background and idk what it sounds like cause i can only hear the front ground sound in my head. If someone
Tags: Altf4 unfinished remix song sample jason pe

It is maybe about 80% done, missing Singer, Couple of things have incorrect timing, and i might change instruments again cause I tend to do that many times
Tags: Y10 Spy Aura C

become a script and now we needed cast and crew. After the missing pieces to the puzzle were found, everything blended beautiful, we prepared for the worst circumstances, knowing we could make the best out
Tags: Parallel Cut Edgar Metro-Marcel Films Gotti Ma

A picture I drew of a flower with it's petals fall
Tags: flower missing petals

If you aint gave it all up4 the LORD, you have no idea what your missing!!! You should try
Tags: Let'n the LORD guid me2 my Destiny

member from the group TLC.
Tags: rap artist

So.. One night I was up listening to music and I got this totally random idea to resight a Rammstein song in English, and damn it I was feeling super Cafe Artsy, all I was missing was Coffee. But, my
Tags: Laura lilevilkitty stupidness

This is a drawing of a very soulful "Music Man" I once knew. I used multiple layers of Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. If you've never used them you're missing out on an awesome experience. I
Tags: Drawing music Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils

its a robot chick. her arms are missing
Tags: airbrush art

this for her in the long run. OR make her wear her usual filmy light red PJ's, dunno. Alas, her ladybug ,Drop & her orb ball are missing in this. ;[ I went overboard on the AomiArmster logo/name thing
Tags: neko aomi youkai catgirl demon shekintari

Tags: this was all done by me

This cone was seen in a small pond about 1/2 mile
Tags: Traffic Cones Orange

42, 43, 44...oops, just 4-missing the "back forty"
Tags: Weije art Duke Baseball

Maxwell come home!
Tags: photography

Missing summer
Tags: photography