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This was recorded in 2001-(Vocals by Angela-Lynn) An Anthem that relates to the fact that its more than the medals that make you who you are when you are in the spirit of competition thank you
Tags: Anthem More Than Games Angela-Lynn

We decided that painting each other would be more fun than playing video games
Tags: body art back painting black and white

and the fact she was about the only Christian in her classes. The other kids would push her, make fun of her and her religion, ignore her, leave her out of games, and so so much more! Well, this made it sooo
Tags: christian light to the of the world God Je

This is another song I wrote for a character on my comic Rocket-X (see the theme for more about the comic itself). I wrote this for a character named Pete Smith! He's the brother of Terry Smith
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing comic cartoon nascar video games

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
, the lady didn't look up from the papers. She seemed to take more than 1,000 years and I was getting impatient. Instead of flat out yelling at the lady to look at the computer, I looked at students
Tags: story twilightish stuff

(995 words) Second grade, the beach, spring vacati
-old girls wearing toothless grins and dragging a massive piece of driftwood, on their way to a new adventure. It all came back in a flash, after more than thirty years, the wonderful week
Tags: OregonSpring Vacationchildhoodbeachchildrensh

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
. Men, by nature, are more competitive than women are. While girls are playing with their Barbie dolls, boys are out trying to WIN. This could be either in sports, video games or in any kind
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
you about them here. Men, by nature, are more competitive than women are. While girls are playing with their Barbie dolls, boys are out trying to WIN. This could be either in sports, video games
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Since the outbreak was first detected, an increasi
, masquerade, games, cards, download materials, travel and leisure, heartache, etc. They are more familiar of the mentioned topics, but are they aware of the recent pandemics that outbreaks the world
Tags: and swine flu h5n1 of swine flu swine flu swin

Maddie and her friends find mysterious keys and sp
with an ax but he still survived. Eventually, B.K. died of old age. Priscilla married another rich man. The kids all wanted more of the inheritance than the other and they turned against each other. Betty
Tags: Maddie

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
to passionate hunger. She had kindled the blaze days ago and her power -- the power of the fire demons more than her own -- constantly fed it. The flames were nearly a pyre, and as her mental chants
Tags: Short Story

The summer my parents divorced, my dad sent my bro
to get out of this dead-end town one day. He pointed at a red Corvette passing. Thats going to be me. Jake turned seventeen that summer. He was five years my senior and I looked up to him even more
Tags: divorce runaway brothers teenagers fort small

on some legal pad. I think that no one took more notes that day than me. I was especially interested in the interstate bickering about financing the international criminal court should and when
Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic

and got your e-mail, too Now you know me, and now I know you And as always, fate would have its way We would meet up face to face You were prettier than I expected And we were well on our way
Tags: Jim Colyer phoenix country music Nashville

Jim Colyer writes about astronomy.
is a bright region of the Milky Way. Deneb is huge, 60,000 times more luminous than our sun at 2,600 light-years away. The Greeks saw Cygnus as Zeus in the form of a swan. He seduced Leda, queen of Sparta
Tags: Jim Colyer asronomy stars planets moon sun g

Jim Colyer writes about the New York Yankees!
96 games as a pitcher with a 2.28 Earned Run Average before moving to the outfield. He hit more home runs in a season than other teams. Ruth did not look like an athlete. He loved to party. His 60 home
Tags: New York Yankees Jim Colyer Michael Colyer New

in mission; we have but one aim; to fill the night with fun and glee. More than one and passing three, a group we become, diverse in individuality and a babble of personalities, poles apart in style

individuals you see featuring as the main characters. All of the work you see here is in some stage of development - early design through to late testing, so some are obviously more polished than
Tags: iPhone Games Mobile Games Games Design

Tapovan, the ultra luxury homes developed by MARG
Store Central park Hospice centre Golf putting green. Tapovan is completely vaasthu compliant and it is placed in such a way that they get more than 90% open space for enough natural air to come
Tags: Villas in Chennai