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early morning sunrise ovrt Big Fish Lake,in MI
Tags: sunrise sky colors peaceful ambience

Early in the morning when most poeple are asleep, you will capture the most amazing sights. From the silhouette of what was, too what the day might bring. This is called the Peak Of Dawn. Taken
Tags: Sunrise

Taken early in the morning. The trees look as if they are waiting on that sunrise
Tags: silhoutte morning sky fire clouds

Early in the morning there was only one little cloud in the sky, and I was hoping that the cloud would cross paths with that moon and there it rests
Tags: Full moon sky cloud blue

Taken back in January in Colorado at or about the
Tags: sun rays clouds colors sky. orange morning

Looks like these Morning Glory's are singing a tune
Tags: Morning glorys singing

The mist is so heavy, it makes this little Island
Tags: Lake Almanor

Short story of life at home~
! So away I flew like a flash to find my shoes in this big mess. With paper and ribbons all over the house from gifts that were open this morning to celebrate..this christmas bash. For you see
Tags: By sheryl Staley

This is the scenery that I was looking at as I woke up one morning while visiting in Vt
Tags: clouds

Morning glory's on a fence
Tags: morning glory on the fence

The Moon
Tags: Errie moon morning trees

Sunrise over Fish Lake with artistic editing and f
Tags: photographygraphic designsun waterskybluestar

A very foggy morning
Tags: bird un-knownTitt morning fog

A very foggy morning
Tags: bird un-knownTitt morning fog

3.8.10 What a beautiful thing to wake up to... this Robin was looking right at me when I opened my front door this morning. He even stayed long enough to grab my camera and click away
Tags: Robin morning visitor nature

With just a handful of people awake you look up to
Tags: Sunrise color red orange skies awe

on my drive to MI early one morning, the fog was low and beautiful during the sunrise
Tags: landscapefoggolden huessunrise

just some thoughts
are not right!I finally do fall asleep with dreams so vivid that I can't believe that there not real...I wake in the morning,very groggy but knowing it is a new day & it's real as everything I touch
Tags: S.Staley

Callopie hummingbird in my yard this morning (8.1.10
Tags: callopie hummingbird

Sitting in the morning sun
Tags: little hummer nature