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Mushrooms I found in the forest
Tags: mushrooms

In this mushroom grouping, the larger pods are pal
Tags: mushrooms

In this grouping of mushrooms, each peddle is hand size. It was an amazing find! I was in the forest, I turned a corner, and there she was! It took my breath away
Tags: mushroom grouping

You know you are in for a great day when you find a handful of Morel mushrooms, they are considered a real gourmet treat
Tags: morel mushroom macro

hand drawn, scanned and colorized in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon mushrooms fairies

This large sickly-sweet smelling Stinkhorn Mushroo
Tags: mushroom mushrooms pennsylvania photo photography nature fly grass

Tags: Nature

Mushrooms growing on a tree in the English woods. Taken with Panasonic Lumex camera
Tags: photography nature mushrooms countryside

Bright orange fungi growing high up in a tree in t
Tags: nature fungi mushrooms tree photography countryside

this was drawn for a very special little girl
Tags: fairies tree mushrooms fae drawing pencil

My sister wanted a picture of mushrooms so I drew this one for her and I like it so much I have it as me wallpaper on my computer
Tags: art fairies mushrooms drawing

Tags: mushrooms

, but they also eat berries, fruit, mushrooms, roots, acorns, lichen, grasses, and they are known to supplement their diet with young birds, fish, eggs, small rodents, and insects on occasion. In captivity
Tags: acorns bamboo berries birds branch climbers eggs fish fruit giant grasses insects lichen mushrooms panda red rodents roots sleep sleeping tree trees

just a fancy fungi I saw lying around my college c
Tags: fungi mushrooms

mushrooms growing in the root of a pine that had been feld in a huge wind storm
Tags: cannon s1 si

It is a picture of mushrooms
Tags: amazing mushrooms

A fresh bunch of orange Mycena mushrooms sprouts from beneath a beech log and leaves
Tags: orange mushrooms beech log

Wild mushroom.
Tags: mushrooms