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This is a tropical flower from a plant that only blooms once. After it blooms it has small shoots that you break off and plant. They too will only bloom once. Makes tropical plants around trees
Tags: pink flower

Nitemare's of kids in the home~
dear friends, I feel like Hunch Back of Norte Dame...Give me sanctuary!!!!! My Dishes are piled to the ceiling...my bathroom, the door is closed,the water is ready to break out...they took baths once
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A poem I wrote
So the time has come And so the time has come Once againg to say goodbye Will we become lovers No and I don't know why We have lost that special touch Of a heart that loved to much Where we go
Tags: S.Staley

Poem I wrote about a bird we once had
Tags: S.Staley

The power of depression can cause alot of problems..but you can over come it & smile & feel better once again
or feel so lonely,the sun will shine once more..With it my smile will shine thru...Page 1
Tags: S.Staley

poem on a wet windy day~
The Wind~ The wind,the wind .. is back once again.. & it is not my friend! My hair does not stay where I put it, no matter how hard I try to hide it. All my papers I try to hold... fly away
Tags: S.Staley

I took this for the sun rays on 12/22/09, once home I noticed (on your left side) it has the side view of "Father Winter" blowing the dense chill in the air
Tags: clouds father winter wind round valley reser

. Once you find it, you won't see anything else. He takes up almost the full picture. The light in the center is the profile if his face
Tags: cloudsskyformationsmanprofilenoseeyecloakh

I believe this to be the Mom of the group of 3. Once they got use to us, they stayed around to see what we were doing. Very curious
Tags: chipmunk mom nature

took me 1 month working every couple days ...I onl
Tags: ptrkeep trying

Frank Sinatra songs
Tags: Fra k Sinatra Tribute

breathing fury, cutting the odds, and her path, with the scarred dagger in his hand, screaming his rage against the anguished gods Venice the New Millennium The waters once washing
Tags: poetry amore writer reincarnation poem free v

In a fit of rage at someone once in a lifetime, I wrote a song - turned out alright.. let me know what you think :) More songs coming soon.. :) xx
Tags: lois fulton lois' rules lois rule fulton lois

your heart and soul to a girl just to have it broken in two, and being foolish enough to take her back again just to have your heart broken once again. Song written by (Greenhalgh/ Rispin
Tags: Southern Cream

Once again a longer exposure time of 27 seconds. Taken by the spillway at Lake Bloomington
Tags: night water spillway street light

This is a trick they use on TV that I discovered that is really obvious once you know about it. I hope you never can see it again on TV without being annoyed
Tags: noddingyesmannodhypnotizecoercebriancarter

I came up with this idea to portray a girl who wishes to be everything she sees in the magazines. Once again, it's of my friend Danielle, my favourite model
Tags: Magazine glamour artistic picture girl woman

This crazy place I once visited
Tags: factory smoke burning fire ummm sky billy j

a song by us called where you once stood
Tags: The Highways Where You Once Stood Indie Rock n Roll Punk New Music Scarface Band Alternative

"I once was lost" SPERM DESIGNS by BETHANN SHANNON 1993 -2008 I have a series of sperm paintings & products, celebrating how we all started! We all looked alike! Pretty funny! Most of my sperm work
Tags: Sperm WallpaperSperm Art Sperm Painting Sperm D