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Orbs Of Life. I'm Really Into Creating A Story Or Situation By Manipulating Simple Shapes. Designer: Dru Courtesy Of Darkbreed Ink 2006
Tags: Graphic Design Canvas Art Poster Art

Tags: orbs

Anybody familiar with the supernatural knows what orbs are. I used to live in South Korea and, well, in many Buddhist cultures, there are no cemeteries - loved ones are buried in meangingful places
Tags: korea travel spooky eeria ghost spirit haunt

An abstract construction of orbs using selective lighting
Tags: orb 3D C4D Photoshop

"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and for
. Beast, you say? Oh, I dont know what I saw. Something beastly? No. More like half Man-O-War, half squid, with swollen orbs trailing behind long, red tentacles," Mara said. Then in a whisper, she added
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

They call them orbs,but in reality they are probes
Tags: corrupt art

glowing dots and circles
Tags: random dots circles lines and orbs

what comes from inside
Tags: orbs circles puzzles stars

Seamless orbs in stasis
Tags: dimensional art

bouncing along

The inimitable romantic poems of Valentino.
and adoration, I will keep my holy oath unbroken, with mouth to breath, I kiss her divining eyes, like righteous veiling stars in long bright fane, sparkling in their circled orbs. where those Goliath
Tags: Poetry writing books publishing romance love

orbs full of colour forming rainbopws and waves as they move across our field of vision
Tags: orbs full of rainbows and waves

twin figures on this wall hanging makes for a nic
Tags: orbs drawing twin watercolour marker ink marker crayon

Orbs that are seen by people in Arkansas
Tags: dimensional art

Red Pyramids with glowing orbs floating overhead
Tags: Modern Art Art Pyramids

This is a shot of an orb we captured in the back yard testing out my EMF meter. I got a strong reading and yelled for the hubby to take a shot. I agree that many orbs are dust on the lens
Tags: Orbs ghost hunting

Close up of the orb that set off my Electro Magnet
Tags: Orbs ghost hunting

Linda took this shot in our neighbors back yard. A
Tags: Orbs ghost hunting

This was the 3rd photo in a series I took with my
Tags: orbs mist

orbs in dimensional stasis
Tags: dimensional art