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Tags: Flowers Salem Oregon Tulips

Flowers at Deepwood Estate, Salem, Oregon
Tags: Flowers Salem Oregon

This picture was taken along the Oregon Coast
Tags: Nature Flowers

Here is a photo that I have edited of a group of wild flowers that I stumbled upon in Oregon
Tags: vintage flowers sepia old photo poppy

Larger and stylized or miniature and classic, Butt
be the mix of both butterflies and moths. In addition, because butterflies live on nectar from flowers, many tattooists design them flying above, beside, or on them. In the United States, several states
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

Jim Colyer discusses the U.S. presidents.
said his goal was to have no major wars. His goal of universal health coverage failed. In retrospect, his 8 years were a series of scandals from Gennifer Flowers to Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky
Tags: Jim Colyer presidents Mitt Romney George Washin

Taken at the Crystal Springs Roddy Garden, in Portland, Oregon
Tags: flower flowers floral landscape outdoor outdoors bright red orange

I used to think the little bugs used these for lit
Tags: flowerflowerspinknaturespringCanonphotographymacro'close up'lavender bellsbloomsgrassnatureOregonPortland

Depth of field- Mums
Tags: flowersflowerspringpinkgreennaturephotographypicturephotospringtimepurplemumsOregon

I used a zoom effect on this.
Tags: tulipstulipflowersflowerspringredgreennaturephotographypicturephotospringtimePortlandOregon

I used a zoom effect to get the blur/glow.
Tags: tulipstulipflowersflowerspringredpurplenaturephotographypicturephotospringtimePortlandOregon

I used a cross-process on this shot.
Tags: flowersflowerspringpink naturephotographybloombloomsblossomswinepurplelavendertulipstulipPhotographyPortlandOregon

The original version
Tags: tulipstulipflowersflowerspringredpurplenaturephotographypicturephotospringtimePortlandOregon

A close up of a Mum
Tags: flowersflowerspringpinkgreennaturephotographypicturephotospringtimepurplemumsOregon

A shot of roses taken from last summer.
Tags: roserose budyellowpeachflowerflowersnaturethree'Rule of thirds'summerphotographyOregonPortland

Bell Flowers from downtown
Tags: flowersflowerspringblue naturephotographybloombloomspurpleblossomslavender'bell flowers''blue bells'OregonPortland

A dark version
Tags: flowersflowerspringdarkgreennaturephotographypicturephotospringtimepurplemumsOregonPortland

Used a zoom effect on this shot.
Tags: flowersflowerspringdarkgreennaturephotographypicturephotospringtimeglowzoompurplemumsOregonPortland