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Tags: photography

Tags: Photography

Dancing in Heaven... Photos from Fashion show, edited and taken by PAW Studios 2008
Tags: lolita lolita ronalds lolita wilson lolita phot

Terminator cat with lots of gadgets for supreme kitty entertainment like a fish detector and pretty lady cat paw waving device
Tags: Cleverfunnycomiccatsmixedmediasurrealscifi

Tags: Poster design

My Paw Tattoos
Tags: 1

This is the exterior side of the Bear Paw Hockey Camp Brochure. Bear Paw Hockey Camp is an annual youth summer hockey camp held in Colorado
Tags: marketing collateral

This is the interior side of the Bear Paw Hockey Camp Brochure. This brochure was created using Illustrator and In-Design
Tags: marketing collateral

Dog paw prints in the sand
Tags: paw prints

Just a little something I found in the dry dirt ou
Tags: Paws Paw Prints Pets Animals

And...another set :)!
Tags: Paws Paw Prints Pets Animals

Raccoon print on a sand bar.
Tags: Nature Paw Print Raccoon Animal Sand

A short story I wrote for a friend.
it's face hidden under what looked like a paw. "Hello?" Looking up at him, a pair of big amber eyes tore though Vinny. A sly evil smile worked it's way across the shadow's face then it lunged at Vinny
Tags: Vinny Horror Death

The Kanji tuffi paw was designed for jhim43.com 2010. The theme at this year's conventions will be "Tuffy Diner". Colors are baby-blue and orange, with white as a neutral color. Additional
Tags: jhim43.com jhim43 tuffy tuff paw Gei art design 2010 Anime Central

Probably the first long story I ever wrote.
. The group was approached by doctors who said they needed to go to the hospital and get checked out. Gretchen and Barbara were fine, Kassi had a sprained paw, and Snuggle had a broken paw, a sprained shoulder
Tags: dogs fiction

on a 'normal' day, you would most DEFINETELY see the 'HATE'! Usually you can find these two on the chase...Griffen begins w/ a paw tap (trying to 'entice' Muffins in play), then you'll hear a little "HISS
Tags: Nature Pets Cats Griffen and Muffins

Tags: ...

close up of my dogs paw
Tags: dogs

This is another creature I made up out of my imagi
Tags: creature animal wolf horn horns claws paws claw paw fur cat feline canine made up

LOL Lots of cats.... the light orange in the backr
Tags: WhiteStorm Thunderclan Silver Stream Sega paw Temari Hope Honneffer Scourge AliRules Lps Gaypelt