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I'm usually trying to avoid telephone poles in my photography, but this one, just had to be. ;o) 10-14-09 8575
Tags: let the sunshine in

If the stipper poles, Harry Potter and porn stars don't get you, Pat Robinson
Tags: politics standup zarling hicks comedy virgini

Chinatown has many of these light poles designed like lanterns in San Francisco's Chinatown
Tags: china chinese san francisco sfo lantern light

these are carvings made for a family in the sierra
Tags: sculpturewood carving totem poles art red wood

at the local flea market.
Tags: Color photography

Telephone poles lean wearily in a domino effect after flood waters rage through and settle here across Peters road in Randle off US 12 in Washington state
Tags: FloodsFloodwaterRandle

In the land of the giants...
Tags: Weije lacrosse Duke lacrosse Duke University sp

sunset view with a Kano and fishing poles on the side
Tags: golden sundet blue boat

A short story I wrote for my friend.
and she shook it away. Grabbing the rope, she made a tight noose and threw the other side over one of the poles of her canopy. If they want blood theyll get it, Putting her neck through the noose, she
Tags: Aya Death Horror

Esse texto retrata os meios que as pessoas buscam
si e precisa ficar s= para encontrß-la. Alguns se casam para ser felizes, outros se separam por acreditar que o companheiro T o responsßvel pela infelicidade. Alguns vivem nas agitadas metr=poles
Tags: felicidade happy luiz lukas copaseut try to be

Jim Colyer writes about Alaska.
and south poles. I observed the sky. The north star was high, and the Orion was farther south. I understood why the north star and the Big Dipper are on the state flag. Danali gets only 4 1/2 hours
Tags: Jim Colyer Alaska

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

If you wish to change your life, don't change the
half an hour of kicking and stamping before we beat a dogged path to the loo. And what a hollow victory it turned out to be. The primitive structure made of four poles and green netting for a roof made
Tags: Travel Humour U-Boat Captain Portugal Friendshi

in mission; we have but one aim; to fill the night with fun and glee. More than one and passing three, a group we become, diverse in individuality and a babble of personalities, poles apart in style

A short story
company right-of-way, a steep climb of about three miles. From there, wed follow old fire lanes back through Forest Park. Other days we might set up poles and barrels in the pasture, and practice our
Tags: childhoodhorsesOregonmemoir

A lone flower determined to grow through 'recycled' telephone poles
Tags: flower logs pole purple

On a recent trip around the valley I came upon this Red Tailed Hawk. It seemed most comfortable sitting on the high voltage poles
Tags: Red tailed Hawk up high sitting pretty

rusty pipes
Tags: rust pipes

and i will bet that there are some folks who will
Tags: still life barber poles poles photography

Run, they're everywhere! Aaahhhhhhhhhh! The invasi
Tags: Dark Clouds Electric Poles Invasion