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My first colored drawing using Prismacolor
Tags: Shadow Queen Mirrormask cool drawing movie f

pencil and prismacolor
Tags: Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise drawing cool actres

Drawn for a travel brochure assignment for illustration class, in Prismacolor French Grey markers
Tags: Toronto

Same assignment, this time in color.
Tags: Toronto Prismacolor markers

Done in Prismacolors.
Tags: Joker Batman Dark Knight Tracie Trace Drawing Prismacolor Gun

18 x 27 inch Prismacolor drawing
Tags: psychedelic trippy colored pencil

24x34, carbon pencil and Prismacolor pencil
Tags: Drawing motorcycle harley-davidson

24x34, carbon pencil and Prismacolor
Tags: Drawing motorcycle harley-davidson

24x34, carbon pencil and Prismacolor
Tags: Drawing motorcycle harley-davidson

Um, a drawing I did of an original Character of mine. I've just started learning how to use Prismacolor markers, so if anyone could provide some helpful tips, that would help out a lot
Tags: LoneSWolf Lone S. Wolf Time Anime

One of my first drawings ever done with Prismacolor Markers. XD I hope to get better at it, and in case you're wondering, this only took 3 hours to complete
Tags: LoneSWolf Beat Of Her Own Anime

My very first drawing done with Prismacolor Markers. I don't think it's that bad, but I do think it's a little bright. Time: 4 hours (couldn't decide on colors
Tags: Alone With The Stars LoneSWolf Anime

This is a drawing of a very soulful "Music Man" I once knew. I used multiple layers of Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. If you've never used them you're missing out on an awesome experience. I
Tags: Drawing music Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils

This design is something I came up with for myself, kinda like a signature picture you could say. Was done on regular poster board and prismacolor markers
Tags: skull custom design

Orginal Art: 11"x17" Prismacolor Pastels on paper NFS
Tags: Pastels

15 x 15 inches. Prismacolor pencil on Paper
Tags: Colored Pencil on Paper

6 foot tall surfboard with nautical/oceanic theme to it. Design was done with prismacolor markers. Approx 35 hours to complete
Tags: surfboard markers ocean ship wreck nautical p

Some more fan art. Playing with Prismacolor Markers
Tags: illustration comic books captain america fan

Prismacolor drawing-Jr. yr in highschool
Tags: colored pencil

Prismacolor on Paper, 2.5" x 3.5
Tags: Painting Prismacolor Pencil Bats Animals