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These two cuties are, our two babies. We rescued them from a shelter and they have been two of the best dogs we have ever had. They are herders and they keep us busy I think they rule the house. lol
Tags: kids dogs male female cute

In a fit of rage at someone once in a lifetime, I
Tags: lois fulton lois' rules lois rule fulton lois

the first rule of fight club
Tags: pen and ink colored in photoshop

I rule my roost
Tags: officesickthe bossruleskingworkitthe

im always ready for any affair''where to?
Tags: hott and fun

im always ready for any affair''where to?
Tags: hott and fun

one rule, one game! lyrics written and recorded by big swell form victoria tx. the track is produced by hitz from the uk. together we dropped a bomb
Tags: rap music

a simple angel, I gen try to keep backgrounds very simple as a rule, just my style i guess
Tags: InkPortraitFemaleAngel

sprinkler rainbows rule
Tags: rainbow

Tags: club music hot new remix cassidy ja rule lil wayne

to that rule. I know he is a big cat but the same rules must apply. He is a gorgeous creature and looks absolutely cuddly. Please let me know what you think of this photo. I look forward to your critique
Tags: lion cat kitty zoo philly Philadelphia penns

We are all connected!
Tags: trees nature welsh pagan theology hippie kin

Another poem
the depthsFor their last chanceA fight for the worldTo rule human aspect As they aproachA trumphet does soundThe angels swoon towards the ground Blade's of steel pointed outReady to cut demon hearts
Tags: angelsdemonssatanhatewarbloodtormentarmaged

Tags: art stuff perspective pictures life object golden rule

took this picture in sacramento's horror film
Tags: photography zombie film golden rule

An English sonnet describing the characteristics o
. With my challenge, I expand pride With my fault, I become mere casualty. With my death, I shall rule eternity. Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro ¬ 2009
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009 poetry Greek

The account of the endangered Californian Condor's
, The third year has come; I will be released, To search for what lived, now deceased, To mate and spawn, free to rule the sky, Pass this tale to my children before I die. Jeffrey Douglas
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009 poetry natur

A poem about the mythic Chinese Dragon's vain ques
Where I am still king. After my wounds heal, I shall again rule the sky Never stopping in attempts To strike sun out of sky. Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro ¬ 2009
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009 poetry myth

A free-verse poem concerning the wise, fiery and c
to bear the next, And continue to rule with divine couple of fire and wisdom, Spreading faster than floods and horses upon the open plains, Forever grasping heavens with its claws, minds with its wings
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009 poetry myth