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Don't have any of my own kids yet so I am submitting a picture of my cousin. I love the look on his girl. He was thinking he was real macho
Tags: football kids

Just what's on my mind right now
love will changes..will you stay? Are the dreams real..they could be dark They could be full of joy...but we may never know. To look into your eyes..I see into your soul a deep clear sea
Tags: S.Staley

one of my poems about the spirit.
us hand by hand.singing songs of love and joy,nothing left for man to destroy,now hear these words for they are real,they come from a spirit that does not feel,ascend my friend rise above touch
Tags: poet poetry art artist media

This is an original work. It is of my dog. He is a Siberian Huskey named "Angel Wowzers". Yes, that's HIS real name.....strange isn't it. But I love him, and so I wanted to show him off in my work
Tags: Dog

Wrote and recorded this song in about 2 hours when
Tags: R&B Slow Jam.

A song about young love; innocence. Lyrics: Let's say, we get out Out of this monotone script I'll take your hand, you take mine Not the time to say quit I'll have you know I've been
Tags: acoustic guitar zahir zack singapore innocenc

this is my favorite song like ever. its so real and raw and its just great. :) when the movie Camp Rock first came out i heard this song and was immdediately hooked. i saw her in concert and i fell
Tags: Alexandra VanBuren singing

awwwww... and here iz MB (for Matt) in real life he'z my bf^^ so of course in my drawingz, shimo iz in love w/ MB
Tags: matt

This song is for the ladies but is based on my old relationship.Because i'm Real i have to come from the heart if i don't i wouldn't be me
Tags: lovemusicGirlsEmotionallifelivepTHip hopWomansongs

has grown to a full time obsession. Manny Productions loves all kinds of music and would love to meet you! So check me out!! And make sure you check out some of the other artist on my page because
Tags: Manny Productions Breathe In the Rain rock rap

-and-real... love the sparkle it creates
Tags: homemade ringlight brandon photography

Though i do sculpt, make and design in other mediums, My love for the live action fantasy scene and my love of painting combine in my painted settings and total immersion portraits
Tags: Real people Fantasy fine art portraitureic in character live action role play larp

with monetary values, its peanuts and ships ahoy, because theirs no dollar amount that makes or break what i do for my brides. And now, how is that in real life. the Art and the Love of ones profession
Tags: WeddingsSocialPoliticalPrivate EventsPartiesC

Had I a better photograph of a Fire Escape, I'd have put it up here instead. But this building was real cool. Of course I don't have any other pictures of it, butI can tell you that this building
Tags: catwalk nyc building exploration uptown up s

is me saying "C'mon." There's no real instruments or anything, just all MIDI from my computer. There is a cool brass and string section, but that's MIDI as well. :) -here is the comment from acid
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports video games f-

very hard working willing to go the extra mile to get the job done i have always have a love for modeling i use to Madel in high school and i have always love it and now i want to to give it a try
Tags: modleing

No, I'm not oa trouble maker or a fan of trouble making, just a Need 4 Speed nerd. :P That game is so cool! Driving around being chased by the cops! So exciting... not in real life though. :P Ha
Tags: needforspeed need for speed cars hot pursuit

to see what I could do with it. The melody I heard in my head is the Chorus of this song. A real upbeat song with a lot of brass. :) Yay! Verse 1: You’re the reason I’m breathing today
Tags: praise worship song brass trumpet trombone f

that it would sound good as an accompanyment for a trumpet and saxophone. Well, I was write... or so I've been told by the people at my church. :) I love this arrangement! The hymn is great as well
Tags: old hymn God Jesus Christ Christian trumpet

they were inside the store shopping. For those who know not, her real name is Mary Eve Regolski. Mary means bitter and Eve means life, so her name means "bitter life." Ironically, that's what she had
Tags: super hero christian God Jesus Christ comic