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"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and foreboding, keeper of strange secrets, of timeless myth and legend that stoke the fires of the imagination. ‘Tis a place where few have ventured, from
_____________________________ In the half-light of a midwinters eve a young man staggered out of the rolling surf and dropped to his scaly knees, convulsing as he struggled to remove the creature
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
and that deep inside, that person still exists. You must not give up on love. Its easy to get your ex girlfriend back as long as you follow the things mentioned above. Be smart in how you try to get her
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
been doing to your kids or why, but I sense this situation's like a giant snowball, rolling fast down a mountain, fast as an express train, getting bigger and bigger as it goes. When it finally
Tags: this book is a work in progress

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
blinded human eyes. Every color was so omnipotent -- so close to murderous -- that she almost gasped. In truth, she might well have, but she was so far from her body so far until a deep, seductive
Tags: Short Story

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
CCR Proud Mary CCR Who'll Stop The Rain CCR Smoke on the Water Deep Purple Sultans of Swing Dire Straits I Love My Shirt Donovan Lelalia Donovan Sunshine Superman Donovan Listen
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli

This is a short story of an unfortunate lady!
only sees grief and darkness, Marie looked down with tears rolling down her pale cold cheeks, into her hands which no longer holds. Marie looked up into the mirror and seen seven children. Marie looked
Tags: gothism Marie shorty story writings poetry

A short story of a very long night.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8IT WAS A VERY LONG NIGHT by Maggie Robbins The skies looked ominous. Heavy, depressing. Immense black clouds rolling like oily waves, obliterated the sun. The turbulent
Tags: Short Story Stormy Suspense.

((Taken from the book 'cause I cant think of a des
Manson was my favorite song. It was like it was made for me. My eyes looked down yet still scanned around the people and where I was going. I took a deep breathe as I entered the park, sitting down on one
Tags: ComaroLoveHeartBreakKiss

hee!!! I had to dig DEEP into this crazy brain of mine, to pull out my FONDEST memory of PARENTING :D!!!! I hope everyone enjoys...now...I need to go read the other entries so I can vote toooo :D
, that to this day when Im in a grocery store not a corner goes un-turned where I dont somehow hear the echo of my youngest sons voice rolling down the aisles! Im sure each of you have had your own crazy
Tags: Motherhood Parenting Mom Kids Silly Funny

Thank you all for stopping by to listen to my daug
Tags: Angela-LynnRolling in the DeepAdeleCover

I am singing rolling in the deep by adele
Tags: music

thank you for stopping by to listen to Angela-Lynns Jazz Cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep, @ SideBar Bistro
Tags: Adele Rolling In the Deep Angela-Lynn Sidebar Bistro

hello I am Dayton brown I am on YouTube um 02daytonbrown on YouTube i am singing rolling in the deep
Tags: hello dayton brown 01 or 02 enjoy