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Tags: mia bella

Perfume sprayer of a famous branded scent. This was an object just laying around when I decided to photograph
Tags: perfume sprayer

"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and for
flared as he filled his lungs again and again with fresh air and tasted the sweet scent of something he vaguely remembered. What is that, he asked. The sound of his own voice startled him. Certain he had
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

Original mixed media, including oil and found objects, with narrative that reads as follows: 'Like the faint memory of her scent, she lingered. Hauntingly so. I recalled Miss Molly Mawkins glancing
Tags: found object fantasy art

Shadow, a cute little California kingsnake, enters
not interpret the words). She looked at the hand of god and meekly relaxed her coiled position. The hand continued petting her on the head and body, as she smelled, trying to memorize the scent
Tags: shadow king snake hand egg cute hands

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
scent was all that remained. Now that his entire coven lay dead, Stellanis had finally recovered himself. He stomped toward Charity with reckless anger. His scorched shirt had blistered open
Tags: Short Story

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
that could have been cold but wasnt. Fire dwelt here, its blazing scent undeniable. She couldnt see its flames yet, but she could feel them surrounding her, licking her with something quite akin
Tags: Short Story

a poem written about a forbidden love--one that I
to arrange another meeting with you. I love your shadow and your passing, and the impressions you leave me with. I love the scent that lingers in the air, and I still love the way that you respond
Tags: poem poetry love fantasy fairy faerie writin

This is a poem I wrote for a Picture Writing Pr
! It was almost as big as a dream! Oh Mama, Tulip sighed, Thank-You so MUCH for bringing me! And, with that she began to run, Totally feeling so free! Mama Bear lifted her snout, as she took in the scent
Tags: Poetry Poem Bear Cub Fishing

Dedicated to the love of my life
134698.txtTAKING THE PAIN AWAYDiesha FloydLate night has come laying alone in the dark wishing they were there to holdyou.Missing their kiss, their scent, their caring touch from there soft gentle
Tags: love

A short story I wrote for a friend.
went away when the dank scent of mold and mildew penetrated Sabrina's nose. Trying to get the smell out of her nose, Sabrina saw a little trunk and an old door. 'Probably to the back room.' Sabrina
Tags: Sabrina Psychic

random shot from my room
Tags: Green Absinthe Vial

Tags: Rainn Moon Photography

I was annoyed with one of my guys friends one nigh
is dizzy and loud, or maybe those are the drunks by the bar. Sweat clings to my body in little beads that roll down the small of my back and the feral scent of activity overpowers my nose and charges
Tags: girl lust club mystery

Probably the first long story I ever wrote.
was convinced that he either covered his scent well or he vanished into thin air. She finally gave up and the pair started home. When Little Levi pointed out that she had led him on a wild goose chase
Tags: dogs fiction

Looking up in the air on a spring day, I see the white apple blossoms fill the air...now if I could only photograph the wonderful scent of those blossoms
Tags: white blossoms apple tree spring

This is a poem about someone having trouble sleepi
the same. I think of you, and the throng grows Wilder, Antagonized by further thoughts of God-forsaken Misery. Egged on by the scent of a soul Broken. I feel like Im being Cleaved Every which way. Each
Tags: Poetry free verse dark insomnia surreal

Just a little diddy I wrote for something to do wh
caressing my toes. In the distance music is lazily drifting over the air waves The scent of salt and seaweed fills up my senses Seagulls hovering above, making their familair sounds reminds me where I am
Tags: wrtitten by Janey

About a vision of a black woman and a white man to
Forbidden love I can still feel your touch Your body is calling me I can still hear your voice It sounds so softly I can still smell your scent It makes me go crazy I can still see the look
Tags: love

This is poetry of a dreamed love for someone who d
his breathe. Almost taste his skin. Almost scent his hair. However, he's not turning for me. His considerations are not mines. His heart isn't beating on the same beat. My being means nonentity to him
Tags: His Existence toletha poetry