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Acrylic painting
Tags: acrylic painting native american

'Creative Flow' 11"x15" 2006 (Water color, Colored
Tags: acid drugs shaman creative flow energy trip trippy

'Centered' 11"x15" 2006 (Water color, pencil, Ink,
Tags: Centered shaman trippy drugs hippie pot marijuanna trip shroom mushroom

'Longlife' 4 1/2" x 12" 2008 (Colored Pencil, Wate
Tags: longlife banner japanesse grey shaman budha love peace trip

'Love' 4 1/2" x 12" 2008 (Colored Pencil, Water co
Tags: love longlife peace shaman trippy alex grey Kevin JAmes Tattrie

'MadGod' 18"x24" 2008(Oil pastel, Ink, and colored
Tags: Madgod good evil trippy Kevin JAmes Tattrie shaman drug

Unfinished! Dead Heads 2008 (Colored pencil, oil p
Tags: shaman grateful dead peace hippie drug trippy dead head steely

Still in progress! 'Awaken and Open your Monkey Mi
Tags: unfinished jim morriosn Hendrix om shaman Kevin James Tattrie peyote Acid Lsd Trippy drug religon spiritual spirituality peace allah Lotus Jerry Garcia The beatles beatles lennon

Sarah knew of my studies in Shamanism and created
Tags: art Native American shaman mental illness Sarah Burk

A 2' by 3' portrait mask carved from second growth
Tags: shaman wood carving Northwest Coast protrait mask wood antler cedar

The bear claw crown/headdress was a symbol of a shaman of high rank and eagle down(goose feathers in this case) was a sign that he would use his powers with good intentions
Tags: wood yellow cedar potrait mask shaman Northwest Coast

The emotional faces represent the good and bad spirits that the shaman encounters when in trance
Tags: Northwest Coast wood carving face mask wall hanging shaman medicine man

had 1 copy of this & I gave it away to a guy, claimed he was a Shaman. I'm not saying he was or wasn't. He was convincing, as far as I can tell. I convinced him with this picture... Whatever
Tags: cleveland sun glare street bricks north give

Shaman Dream of movement, loss and following the dog
Tags: Shaman Dream of movement loss and following the dog

Shaman Shadow 18: My dream companion must face her challenges alone
Tags: Shaman Shadow 18: My dream companion

Shaman Vision 1 100207
Tags: Shaman Vision 1 100207

Shaman Vision 9
Tags: Shaman Vision 9

Shaman vision shadow 6
Tags: Shaman vision shadow 6

Shaman sight 12-22-02
Tags: Shaman sight 12-22-02