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A shot of the Mondavi Vineyards in Napa, California
Tags: Napa vineyard mondavi

, which just makes it all the more enchanting. My intention with the shot was to show the natural degeneration of the stump. Quite amazing. It looks like a perfect home for fairies
Tags: enchanted stump

I stepped out side, clearly seeing a heart. Ran in grabbed my camera and shot! (8-18-08
Tags: cloud heart

I was in the right place at the right time to get this Autumn rainbow. You can tell it has not been edited, as there was a spot on my lens. Still a great shot
Tags: rainbow

I took this shot of my Jack-o-lantern in Sepia. I added stickers, and text. To say "Happy Halloween
Tags: halloween pumpkin jack-o-lantern

I was taking a shot of the trees, and got a bonus Star
Tags: star silouette trees

I thought a shot of ice in black & white might be cool... (lol
Tags: black white ice

One lucky shot
Tags: moon jet stream

Thought I'd try a shot of the fire tonight. Sure is keeping me nice and warm
Tags: fire

This was another shot I took in Reno, NV on January 7,09
Tags: day time moon

A cool landscape shot during a road trip
Tags: landscape lake view

This is a non-professional shot of me posing for the camera
Tags: model pose allen vartazarian

I couldn't resist the amber glow of the street lig
Tags: night shot snow

These are my Yorkshire Terrier pups that were born on Valentines day. They are 2 1/2 weeks old. I couldn't resist taking this shot of them sleeping. I couldn't have posed them any better than
Tags: Yorkshire Terrier Pups

A shot of my pug walking through my mothers yard of tulips and daffadils
Tags: pug tulips spring

A shot of the rain falling over the Pacific Ocean and the highlights of the sun in the distance. Taken above San Francisco Bay
Tags: Jannirainingjpgphotographsrain showers

Some days it pays to go to the laundry mat... I got this shot of a bird I've never seen before, sure is pretty
Tags: bird 4-28-09

I got this shot of Orion over my house using a Canon 1000D, with a 75-300mm lens. The lens was open for 30 seconds
Tags: Orion

I got this shot of the Moon on 5-14-09 from a third floor balcony. I didn't have my tri-pod with me, so I put my elbows on the rail of the balcony for stabilization. I used my canon 1000D
Tags: Moon

The goal of the shot was the beautiful black and yellow bird. The cow decided she wanted to see what was going on, lol... I thought she would add to the photo
Tags: yellow headed black bird cow