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About myself and how I try so hard to change for o
For You I tried...... For you I tried to better myself,for you I tried to change... For you I tried to make myself into someone new & strange... I learn, I can not do these things... for I do
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

A Poem
witout a care \Our love is great and from above oh why can't I have you to love For we are two of a kind \I can't say his name in fear someone will hear My love is a special one at that \His eyes
Tags: S.Staley

little writing
if you want to make your house grand..plant some flowers around...even trees willhelp.It's sad that many more people don't plant like they use too..what will happen to this world withoutflowers & trees
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
represent different ideas to different cultures, with mild variations within each culture. In a country like the United States, many cultures exist within the geographical borders, mixing and mingling
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

of being a permormer. And though my life took on a different course, the song still holds true. There's nothing that helps me to cope with this world like watching or hearing someone lay their soul
Tags: songwriter song jazz pop original acoustic i

MY senior Year singing at our choir coffee house!
Tags: musical theatre

Thi is a very pretty song from the Musical Jekyll and Hyde. Mind you, the recording didn't come out as well as I would have liked
Tags: Musical Jekyll and Hyde Someone like you theater

there is a story behind this one. the black butterfly in the center signifys you surrounded by your universe family and friends around you but no one to relate to, no one just like you
Tags: ink blue butterfly round

don't know it. And then one day, something will happen, something will get you - or someone will touch you suddenly, like a thorn coming by chance under your sleeve to graze your skin
Tags: ferroggiaro - du bois galleries photography cher

think of tides crashing and of an almost animalistic side of people coming out kind of like it is with werewolfs like you cant control inhibitions. the other meaning is this song shows my comfort
Tags: catchy

This song I wrote cuz we have a lil slang when something is goin good or if someone shoots you some info, its like oh, thats whats up
Tags: Whats up

I am looking to work with someone to do Ballroom Dancing!? Will You Be Serious And Get In Shape with Me Also? Will You Feel It In Your Heart And Soul? Like I! Will You Feel The Floor As If Nothing
Tags: Dancing Disco Ballet Salsa Marango Cha Cha E

does. It’ll make you feel like you’re who’s wrong When in fact, You’re what makes this world bright. Called to be the light. You’re called to be the light to the world. Verse 2: She struggles
Tags: christian light to the of the world God Je

can handle. You know? The type that likes to drink and party a lot. I'm sure a lot of you are thinking "that's my kind of girl," but Zack's not looking for someone like that. He wants someone who's more
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports comic nascar

the thought of something you want so badly, but can't have it because someone else has it and is keeping you from it. >:O Also, don't get scared, but as the music begins to fade out like
Tags: Rocket-X rocket racing sports comic nascar

This is a song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers! I think I have a few pictures of them on this site. Anyway, if you don't know, I act like I'm 7 different characters in their songs
Tags: Life Living Live On dreams hopes The Doovie

, But who wouldn't hate someone so foolish like me? Those words she said to me were true. She made me feel so blue! Bridge: Those words she said to me were true. She made me feel so blue. So blue! So
Tags: The Doovie Brothers Cartoon Band comic goofy

another of your scripts so I read it. Wow! Your stories are intense. Yours are probably the most intense per square inch of any that I've read. You just can't stop reading! " "I like that you
Tags: screenplay short story writing reading movies

This is me singing a song from the musical Jekyll
Tags: Jekyll & Hyde showtunes

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
-control. Look Mom said getting up out of her seat. Young lady, you are leaving tomorrow to She emphasized the world West Virgina.Cant we all get along for one day? I trying to get along but I dont like
Tags: story twilightish stuff