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It's been raining here off and on all day, I thought I would stay at home next to the fire. However a friends needs sent me out in the rain. I'm glad I went out, this is my find. I love fall
Tags: fall colors leaf

while standing guard, the guard would stay in this small hut for hours at a time but if a restroom was needed they would pull down shades and use a toilet that had the pipe going straight down
Tags: alcatraz

About myself and how I try so hard to change for o
not like myself no more... I need to stay here within my own true self and learn to live again
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Just what's on my mind right now
love will changes..will you stay? Are the dreams real..they could be dark They could be full of joy...but we may never know. To look into your eyes..I see into your soul a deep clear sea
Tags: S.Staley

poem on a wet windy day~
The Wind~ The wind,the wind .. is back once again.. & it is not my friend! My hair does not stay where I put it, no matter how hard I try to hide it. All my papers I try to hold... fly away
Tags: S.Staley

Um.... i started working out to stay in shape so i took a class for this semester. Getting bigger now but still only a buck 20
Tags: muscles looking good sexy abercrombie model

This song shows that real music is coming back. Its a very positive song talking about Stay In School and the importance of an education
Tags: 2 Krayze Rap Hip-Hop Positive Music Stay In School

This is a great video!!!!!!!
Tags: Stay In School Video 2 Krayze rap hip hop pop dance Music New Artist

this is a video we made around christmas time it realy dosent have a tittle but it was the greatest bt so far so thats what it will stay
Tags: lol krewgingerbreaad house quincy tizzy family

Don't heed the call of darkness, Mia Carra stay' A strange heartbeat echoed, rising loud over her feet hasting recklessly across the cold pavement, around the cursed corner 'Why such doubts
Tags: poetry amore writer reincarnation poem free v

Tags: Jazzy

This is hot.Listen to this trance mix in the car o at da gym Stay sucka free Aight
Tags: trance progressive very sexy

Become (stay) on base of movie by horror actress klatwa.mloda ucharakteryzowana 12-latke. I recorded movie also ( dominica, lat (summer; year) 12 ), but it played in it lat (summer; year) 13 ( ) nice
Tags: horror szafa ring grudge

This is the Behind the Scenes of 2 Krayze when he was shooting his Stay In School Music Video
Tags: 2 Krayze Michael Jackson Behind the Scenes Stay In School Prince legend artist education positive funny comedy

This is a great film that 2 Krayze is currently fi
Tags: 2 Krayze acting Brobot Eddie Murphy Will Smith movie trailer Stay In School funny comedy excellent

This one is a little story. Its a rap on a friend who was kiled. This is pretty much telling the kids not to get into gangs, to stay out of trouble. This is something to show ya'll the true danger
Tags: johnny boy teen death teen trouble old school h

Image from my stay in Kolkata, India
Tags: Portrait poverty orphan Kolkata India