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Posing from the back..
Tags: ModelingPrint

that's been done a million times before, in one form or another, but the format does not grow old. It's structure and lyrics are as simple as can be. It's not meant to be entangling or illusive, just
Tags: love ballad song songwriter original faith i

An illustration of a temple type structure for a bird like humanoid race. The structure is nestled high in the mountains. The "pit" is the prime heat source
Tags: fantasy dragon mountain painting illustration

Minneapolis, MN
Tags: tower structure steel downtown

this is a gorgeous little character , stuffed behi
Tags: buildings old structure

Inside Richard Mier's museum in Bavaria. (same structure as the photo of the column
Tags: digital photo

bone structure. This is a scan of just my face as a transparent overlay. The grid in the back ground was to insure my sketch was the same overall size as the skull
Tags: Drawing graphite Life Class self portrait

Tags: barn night structure

A derelict barn sits at the edge of Orcas Island Golf course. Shortly after this photo was taken in 2007, the structure was so badly damaged in a storm that the barn was torn down
Tags: abandonedbarnbuildingshedfieldgolf courseOrc

gauge passenger train while in motion, captures in an appropriate ghostly fashion this now abandoned-in-place structure
Tags: "Alaska" "railroad" "railroad bridge" "bridge"

All the years I had lived in this town...I passed the David Bradford House in Washington Pennsylvania many times, I had never imagined this hidden gem tucked away behind this historical structure
Tags: Acrylics on Illustration Board

This weeks assignment to draw three views of the hand showing the tendons and inner structure for artists, Charcoal, Sanguine and white pencil on Kraft paper .. My teacher like to see cross hatching
Tags: Life Class hand charcoal

Another of my life drawing class assignments. A transparent overlay drawing of the muscle structure over the skeleton drawing. Look closely and you can see the bones under the flesh. Color pencil
Tags: Life study drawing color pencil female muscle

1 angle of the Fort in NJ state park
Tags: Historic lookout post War time structure

A reproduction of one of the Master's, to study the skeletal structure. Pencil on antique white paper with tissue cover for skeleton
Tags: reproduction of classic pencil skeletal structure academia human figure anatomy

I stand, like the masthead of a ship, gripping ont
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro Sandra Miller Taylor Miller Photography modeling print rails structure pose looking perch

to infinity - the pyramids intersected in balance. Phenacyte spoke in plural and revealed its crystalline structure. I awoke once again, this time to find myself in a hotel room in St. Paul Minnesota
Tags: Visionary Art Mandala Sacred Geometry Mystic

The sky cracks everywhere, shattering into fragmen
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2008 art photography portrait color glass structure sky

A lamp post stands erect, jutting arms of wood out
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2008 art photography portrait surrealism abstraction light wood structure color hues

A sunflower is a unique and mathematically perfect flower, not unlike the typographic alphabet. This piece draws the link of the beauty between the shape of a Sans Serif typeface and the structure
Tags: sunflower plant nature typography flower patt