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Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
It was a nitmare at Sheri's and all down the street...the wind was blowing...the rain was sleet...and that pretty white stuff that Mark calls snow...just keep coming down...OH I wish it would go
Tags: Sheryl Staley

My nephew showing his stuff
Tags: S. Staley

rehearsal night last Tuesday. Some stuff to work out still but I hope you enjoy it and I hope you think I do it justice
Tags: Rascal Flats Why Tina Rose Cover

Hot Stuff sitting so close to the High Voltage. Red tailed hawk, 3-20-10
Tags: red tail hawk 3rd nature hot stuff

Red Tailed Hawk out & about in Indian Valley, CA
Tags: red tail hawk 3rd nature hot stuff

enough said,stuff around our small town
Tags: S.Staley

16 as well. For the two people who are going to give me a thumbs down with no explanation like you always do every time I put stuff up here...thanks for watching. <3
Tags: Billionaire tina rose

Me trying out my new mic and recording stuff. Clearly...I don't know what I'm doing. :D
Tags: Hallelujah

Sorry about the talking at the end and stuff. I did it for YouTube to address some of the haters I had on there. Also...sorry about the wall...I took all my Jonas Brothers posters down
Tags: Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are Tina Rose

Just some stuff I was messing around with on Fruity Loops
Tags: guitar chris techno

some live stuff in the living room
Tags: Music live acoustic love jeremy francis anewairs

Tags: Me on bars

This is a pencil drawing of a piece done by Jeffrey Scott. He's one of my favorite photographer/digital manipulators. I drew this because I absolutely love it!!!! You should check out his stuff
Tags: corpse bride sean gordon shonsta jeffrey sco

A picture i did for a friend of mines band. I also did some more stuff for them. Check it out on my myspace page or theirs. links for their page are on my myspace
Tags: One man riot band music art Graphic

Just a little song that I through together over a weekend. I had not done any Metal type stuff before so I thought I would give it a try
Tags: Heavy Guitar Metal Instrumental

I took this picture for warsteiner. just bought a couple six packs, and had a really fun photo shoot. they ended up sending me a whole bag of free stuff
Tags: beer boot das boot beerfest drink german ger

just some random stuff
Tags: randomartgraphicdigital


another old school of me, some beginning stuff, I still like it though, it catches that beginning chapter of a Good Boy! I dont know!!! LOL
Tags: A song about me!

a drawing i had to do in a dark room of a bunch of bottles and stuff...drawing from observation is not my thing
Tags: none