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simple trick
Tags: wasd anton kuchumov tricks stunts parkour

Phil and Lee hosting a documentary with an insight
Tags: Documentary Random Star Lee Philc24 RSP stunts funny videos random big small music rap rock

Phil and Lee Out and about causing chaos and pulling stunts. Also has Ste Hickson and Mark Hiles starring
Tags: Home Movies Funny Comedy RSP Lee Philc24 Stunts Random Star

I wish it had gone a bit smoother, but everything
Tags: cheer cheerleading acro acrobatics stunts partner stunt

twist layout aerial back hand spring double leg butterfly kick loser lazy vault and a bunch more. Related teams include: LTT, Lavida Street Stunts, Defy Videography by Sean Babas Chris Andersen
Tags: Freerunning Parkour 3Run Tricking Street Stunts Vanquish Flips Martial Arts XMA

The Bleeding - Stunt

stunt man== holds world record in limo distance ju
Tags: dare devilstuntsmr dizzylimoschool bus

Sean Babas 2008 Street Stunts Showreel, presented by F4 Studios. youtube.com/teamvanquish
Tags: Sean Babas Vanquish Street Stunts Freerunning Parkour Tricking

were getting ready to ride on the car down the street for the rocket camp training scenes.we do our own stunts were hardcore like that,and when i say hardcore i mean low budget.HAHAHA
Tags: Riding on top of car

You dont show how or where to put my resume !!!!
. Louis Skateboarding -Upside down handstands ,elbow stands- stunts some physical gymnast stunts Impersonations: Singing -Elvis songs,Roy Orbison,Jim Morrisson Character- Fire Marshall Bill -Jim
Tags: A TITLE is not a resume fix your page

Screen name Liam Tomas, birth name and pay roll or
May 2010 Bachelor of Science, Psychology May 2007 Skills: Legendary Pictures; Director Jimmy Hayward Union Soldier (Featured Extra); included stunts (non-union), carried weapon
Tags: Film Resume

a shoadow flips in the sunset
Tags: drop stunts parkour free running san diego

Me doing a flip in front of a car
Tags: drop stunts parkour free running san diego

I am bipolar, this is what I felt.
What's up Doc? A Psychiatric doctor poked and prodded in my head.. I was all screwed up, I think; he said? Was it because I claimed to see purple elephants? Who amazingly did some acrobatic stunts
Tags: poetry poems doctors

a friend of mine asked me to shoot some shots of h
Tags: bikes riding stunts extreme biking photography action

over the handle bars...how do they do that
Tags: bikes riding stunts extreme biking photography action

that's what i call getting higher
Tags: bikes riding stunts extreme bikingphotography action

Attached Resume
: performed in large crowd, Football, Baseball, Bowling, Can Read Japanese Language, Play Ukelele, Raise one eyebrow, Swim, Wiggle ears, Ride Bike, Can be flexible, Cook, Can clean, Type 45-55 wpm, Stunts
Tags: Resume

My up to date Dance Resume.
- Dance Routines Both with tumbling and lift stunts. I was a base support and a flyer for a short time. - Dances included Jazz and Cheer. Covington High School Cheerleading 2000-2001 (Non-Competitive
Tags: Dance Dancer