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Copy of paper for college speech and communication
responded in a positive manner. Suddenly, the room was calmer. The next day, the teacher brought a thank you card for me to read to the class. In those two days, the tension level in the room
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Tags: hollywood captain jack sparrow pirates of t

not -- half-echoed by Don Juan Lagarto as he leaned over the door of his ‘37 StutZootrope and hissed back at the dodo, “Maybe not, bird-boy!” In a collapsing ellipse of thought Geaudeux suddenly
Tags: mixed media oil paint found objects

particular clue in the dream; they just suddenly realize they are in a dream. This is how I feel sometimes... Am I Dreaming?? I am just waiting for the impossible to occur to let me know
Tags: model sexy schoolgirl school girl motorcycle

Tags: axis band music origingal

It's a hot day and you have been working all day. Suddenly that hot dry thirst hits you. You see the sweat on the glass and the ice clinking together. That's what you focus on the ice swirling
Tags: abstract ice tea cold refreshing different u

don't know it. And then one day, something will happen, something will get you - or someone will touch you suddenly, like a thorn coming by chance under your sleeve to graze your skin
Tags: ferroggiaro - du bois galleries photography cher

Although he vigorously denied it, it was clear upon his return that Kenny had undergone some cosmetic procedures while on "vacation." If his suddenly youthful eyes weren't a big of enough clue
Tags: Weije old trucks cosmetics lost youth

suddenly i seeee
Tags: hearts light colours

Once i just sittin alone outdoor at night..watchin the stars..and theres a group of fireflies flying in front of m. Suddenly, an idea popped up to transformed into my drawing. Here's the result
Tags: drawing

The dream was vivid, lifelike in all details. I could feel myself flying-soaring and diving and the wind rushing across my face! Suddenly, I was awakened and jarred back to reality by a tapping
Tags: Weije osprey bird houses tables turned

off, when suddenly today...there was this little pink wonder! The poem then had to be written
Tags: poetry photography floral color prose

. . . I'm carried back so suddenly to the heart of an all-bought-forgotten April. All I can remember is innocence . . . In the mist . . . Red and white stripes, candy-cane colors
Tags: art Native American childhood memories mental i

Two outstanding country dancers who met on the dance floor many years ago. They became dance partners and then friends but never anything more. One day they suddenly both realized they were in love
Tags: dance wedding couple kiss romance

A game once seemingly in hand suddenly becomes a lot closer
Tags: Weije lacrosse Duke lacrosse college sports

Once, the future looked bright and all rolled along smoothly, gliding on tracks well laid out. Then, somehow, things changed and the track got twisted and broken. Once bright plans were suddenly
Tags: Weije railroads old train cars trains Virginia

! It was so blazingly, amazingly Blue: that all the birds of the world, in their feathery, fluttery entirety- Shot suddenly into the air... One breathless swoop of untouchable ecstasy! Only the sun
Tags: art poetrybrillient memory beauty mental illne

A very short story about a young girl who suddenly finds herself pregnant, and the choice she makes that will change her life forever
Tags: abortion short story young author

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
suddenly ravenous stomach. I found a Twinkie and immediately bit its head off. Once I finished my sudden snack, I found that mom and Gabriel where in the Living room surrounded by boxes. I also suddenly got
Tags: story twilightish stuff

I wrote this after my great grandmother passed awa
. The woman screamed. Suddenly a flash of light was shown throughout the room. The young man was standing in horrification of what he saw. She suddenly grabbed her chest hard and fell to the ground
Tags: gohstthrills scary interesting what happened