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simple sea turtle, muted suggestion of sea. peaceful...serene..deep breath. ahhh
Tags: pencil crayon turtle sea animal drawing colo

and keep steppin. The microphone is my weapon of choice Just a suggestion, get out my way if you ain't wit it While get what I'm gettin For I get hyper than Red Bull, mixed wit epinephrine. Gettin
Tags: Gran Cannon Crimson Red Philly Firehouse

This is my suggestion for Taltopia
Tags: Writing Suggestion Taltopia

My daughter stands at the window of an abandoned farmhouse. The title is a combination from the wallpaper, and the suggestion of wanting to break away from a thing or a place, but feeling
Tags: abandoned derelict farmhouse country ceiling

No Suggestion Show #8
Tags: live improv comedy acting stage theater sket

No Suggestion Show #8
Tags: live improv comedy acting stage theater sket

It's a little known fact of history that at the suggestion of his pet cat, Cattus Wompuss, Julius Caeser employed legions of armoured cats as shock troops in early wave assults on his enemys
Tags: Weije Roman History Julius Caeser's pet shock t

Following up on a suggestion from a Taltopia friend. A redo in black and white with color intact in lips and eyes. Any comments
Tags: angel model concept black and white bw lips

A song I wrote and sang in the early 90s. Listening suggestion ....( TURN IT UP !!!!!!!) Enjoy my friends
Tags: YankeeRhoad

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
, dark fury mounting on his face. Why does that suggestion displease you? Raelis pressed toward Jessdana, anger obvious in his every step. His eyes were a black void of burning hatred. Answer, whore
Tags: Short Story

A suppositional story of how Satan and his angels
in it? Michael again pressed forward; this time he gestured for Nurioch to remain. It is my suggestion, Lord, that You leave this Satan to me, Michael said, his tone fierce as his eyes fixed on Samael
Tags: short story

the 2001 ICC Preparatory Meetings at the UN in Manhattan would be morally incapable of constructing another court to hear cases. My suggestion is to transfer immediately Dr Karadzic and others
Tags: icty criminality ratko mladic radovan karadzic

it is?? Or did the other photo show up before this one? LMAO!!! Geesh...we need a way to 'organize' our shots on here..maybe I'll put it in the 'suggestion' box :D
Tags: Nature Small Tiny Rodent Possum

So anyway, I'm part of this (How do you call it) artist(Of many kinds) web site. The site is called "Taltopia" or "www.taltopia.com". Anyway, I made a suggestion as to "why anyone is labeled "one". i
Tags: all any every everything anything music art

Another photo of Christmas Lights where the camera moved. Formerly Light Creature, Re-Named at the suggestion of my friend KnightMarion
Tags: Art Light Distortion

soooo bad with eyes suggestion pleeease
Tags: eye drawing art pencil