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Angela-Lynn Performing Nobody's Suppose to be here(rec)3 years ago--- Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy
Tags: Angela-Lynn

He looks alot younger than what he's suppose to be. But it's hard to draw. This one was for a girl on myspace
Tags: Cindy Smith

A song that starts well, has a terrible transition from intro to verse, but comes out alrite i suppose! ah well
Tags: temporary paradise

This is a song we did in 06, i fink its prob or worst recorded one sound wise, i.e. the guitars to quiet, i think anyway. still nice interlude and chorus i suppose. shame bout the verses, we must
Tags: Fugitive Urban Battalion Crap lol

Found objects, mixed media. Yes, those are real gasoline credit cards on the cross. Another political statement of sorts, I suppose. $250.00
Tags: mixed media found objects sculpture

If your going to vote me down, then tell me why your voting me down. How am I suppose to learn? ============================= Here walks a lonely girl With a lonely heart No ones listenin
Tags: songwriter songs a lonely girl song acoustic

Lust: a passionate or overmastering desire or craving. I suppose you could say I have that. Everything I say or do is for/about money. I want and need and yearn for it. People tend to think
Tags: Lust seven deadly sins glamour

waiting, I suppose
Tags: wooo modeling

I was just messing around in photoshop when I created this. I suppose I stumbled upon it by accident
Tags: shapes artsy angles contrast interesting grap

This is a piece that was done for an art show at CMR high school to raise money. It is suppose to be in the style of Klimpt, in acrylic paint. Most of the colors are fairly flat but I used a gold
Tags: Klimpt Acrylic Geisha

This is a sketch that I did for my drawing class. The assignment was to draw your hand so I suppose that is pretty self explanatory
Tags: art hand sketch contrast pencil movement int

Evening Stroll- SOLD TO A GOOD HOME:) 10/20 I love Central Park in New York City. I know your not suppose to stroll through the park in the middle of the night, but it feels so peaceful. Your head
Tags: impressionism DeLaRosa delarosa De La Rosaimp

Water Colour on paper. This painting looks much darker than it does on screen, it is suppose to give the viewer an insight into a dark and eerie woodland
Tags: Painting

a chracter that'z suppose to somewhat symbolize me except the real shimo(not the one of me) haz black marking allll the way down her back
Tags: shimo

well, thiz waz actually suppose to end up being a stencil but i never got around to getting it done and now i can't. curse my lazynezz
Tags: dragon

Though it does not really looking like it, I was trying to do drama masks but on the homosexual( and racial) view of it. The top one is suppose to be the happy or comedy face and suppose
Tags: drama masks painting art

Candid moment captured by my Bruce Wayne Sr. of me
Tags: performing entertaining modeling hostessing gl

It's suppose to be Tyler Durden(Brad Pitt) in Fight Club, but it really doesn't look like him that much:( Oh well, its the best I can do
Tags: brad pitt tyler durden fight club sexy

This is my nephew, Kristopher, who was born, I think, about 4 months premature. My sister is 4'10" & those are her hands. I suppose it depends on the size of your screen on weather or not you can
Tags: children hospitals young

Another outlet for viewing media. I only have two up, I suppose they are alright to use. covers though they may
Tags: Java live Swell season