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Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
!!!! As I went out to take my children home on a sunday afternoon..oh no , oh dread, my car door is locked...the ice has frozen them shut...so what do we do in a flash...boil that water and down the door
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short story of one of my days
. But they seemed to take on a life of there own after the making..they where made of a tiny or medium hook,feathers or spinned of gold,silver,or bronze. Then he would add a bit of paint for eyes. He told me when
Tags: S.Staley

just thoughts..short writing poem
My Teens~ My teenagers are loud,they play their music each day... I wonder how they hear... They want to drive the car,money to take,this & that all day... Were we like this when we were young? I
Tags: S.Staley

Tags: take off pelican landscape

I think this guy thought I was going to feed it. It wouldn't take it's eyes off me
Tags: eye see you horse general

Obviously I did not take the picture, but it is of me playing guitar for Fall Kick-off '06
Tags: Oasis Fall kickoff Church

Tags: water canadian goose running photograpgy

Tags: birds sunset

a pic from atop hanging rock. in NC. yeah i know i forgot to take off the time stamp
Tags: landscape art photo

This shot is part of my fashion portfolio. We were shooting at a neighbors house but they were tearing down a house down the street but it started to rain so the crew took off and we decided to take
Tags: sani aleksandra alexandra bralo bosnian absol

. They don’t take the necessary time to learn about what they created. There are reasons why kids go to school and shoot everybody up. There was a reason my homegirl blew her head off her shoulders

A Photo shop painting I made. with a coulplle filters for the swirly affect. My kid made me take it off the computer's backdrop. Said it was scaring him when he played games, and had been giving him
Tags: red eye photoshop painting

must say. (Repeat twice) (Verse 3) An Asian woman makes me feel much love and respect. There intelligent, strong and always in check. Greet me at the door take off my shoes. Kiss me hi tell me how do
Tags: reh dogg love asians

This butterfly just started to fly away.
Tags: butterfly

Its A Bug
Tags: Bug Macro

Made from alder this is a replication of a Norse ale bowl. These bowls were used to send off a great warrior or someone of royal stature. The ale bowl would be placed upon the coffin and all would
Tags: bowl norwegian wood handcarved carving horse

My 3 yr. old grandson is fascinated with my cameras. I was teaching him how to take a picture and just happened to photograph him as he snapped his own picture. As both flashes went off at the same
Tags: magic children photography

A dragonfly.. And he did take-off quickly after this image was captured
Tags: Dragonfly Summer Spring Insect Plants. Petmagn

eagle owl taking off
Tags: Eagle owl fly bird feather prey