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Nitemare's of kids in the home~
not played with....tee hee.....what a surprise and hopefully how clean I hope it will be..Uh Huh!! ;) Hugs to all, And I hope you never have the Nitemare of Sheri's.....HA HA HA HA....my friend the Creep
Tags: Sheryl Staley

For some strange reason lately, I've become very lucky to happen by a few different interesting insects outside!!! This is one species among about 4 that I've 'shot' tee hee!!! It's kinda hard
Tags: Spider Jumping Spider Spider in tree Tree

And...SUDENLY, Spidy contracted 'stage fright' :(, tee hee hee :D
Tags: Spider Jumping Spider Spider in tree Tree

LOL...don't try this at home...becuz I NEVER actually ATE a glo worm tee hee
Tags: Eye Eye Ball Pupil Blood Shot Sleepy No Sleep

Well, here he is!!! My GORGIOUS Guy, and his toy!!! I SWEAR, he's like a freakn' kid in a candy shop, when it comes to him and his bike or his rifles, tee hee!!! I remember WAY back, when we
Tags: Victor Fiance' Motorcycle Dirt Bike Bike Boy

that saying? Oh...YES!!! "Beggers can't be Choosers!" :) Tee hee
Tags: The Beautiful Moon FINALLY!!!! LoL

I still think I could do much better w/ a more expensive/better camera :(..., but HONESTLY, I really AM happy w/ what I did get of this shot :)...FINALLY it looks like a REAL moon, tee hee :D
Tags: Moon Moon Beam Shiny Beautiful Night

, JUST to get the yellow powder all over my face, tee hee!!! :D
Tags: Flower Butter Cup

Ok...so, I saw this KEWL contest that a very kewl person on Taltopia here created...and, it sparked my interest!!! :) So...here I am a WHOLE day later, after staying up almost all night writing tee
Tags: Motherhood Parenting Mom Kids Silly Funny

think of it!!! Tee hee...Enjoy
Tags: Sun Beam Smoke Barbeque

roomates pup!!! tee hee :D
Tags: Potty time Pup dog

...but they prooved that evening to be LESS interested in condo fires and FIRE MEN than I!!! Tee Hee :D
Tags: Fire Emergency House Condo Fire Trucks Ambula

Ok...here's the 'Best Friends'!!! My youngest, Brent and our not so new (now tee hee) puppy, Maxie!!! Awwww!!! :D
Tags: Son Puppy Maxie Brent

Birds on a wire tee hee...not the best quality...would of LOVED it if it hadn't turned out so blurry :(...well...that's what I get for buying a not so expensive camera lol
Tags: Nature Birds

, better than CAKE!!! :D tee hee
Tags: Nature Bushes Flowers Bumble Bees

I LOVE this type of 'Corn-on-the-Cob'!!! MAZE is so BEAUTIFUL...just like a rainbow of corn, tee hee :D
Tags: Autumn Winter Holiday Season Halloween ThanksG

My Sweet, GROUCHY lil' Muffins!!! :D Again, another one of my 8 cats...doing what MOST cats do best...climbing a tree, tee hee :D
Tags: Nature Pets Cats Muffins

!!! :D Tee hee...ENJOY (I will be posting a video soon w/ PROOF of one of their 'SPATS'!!!) :D
Tags: Nature Pets Cats Griffen and Muffins

back yard!!! Luckily, if ya stay put in the SAME spot LONG enough...they will do the same tee hee!!! It's NOT that clear, nor is it the best shot of a bird...but it's good for me :D!!! Hope
Tags: Bird Nature Bushes Trees Pretty Tweet

Ok...here's my "entry" for being "More than ONE"!!
proven that we all DO have one voice put together !!! Okthats my entry tee hee!!! -RebeccaJeanine71
Tags: writing More Than One