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I wrote and and recorded this song after reading about the rape and murder of a two year old girl this year. I can't think of any good reason to keep the sort of scum that would do such a thing alive
Tags: ska

to health care. A small list of SOA graduates: Manuel Noriega, the officers that ordered and carried out the assassinations of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the soldiers responsible for the rape and murder
Tags: politics School Of The Americas

SAC Dave covers the new Afghan it's OK to rape your wife law, and more on Rev. Daves school of faith healing
Tags: allah wife rape faith healing school

by some of its commercial practitioners.” “But at the same time other poets in GV7 openly discuss issues of date-rape, the courage to be an artist, the psychological repression of women, How hip
Tags: Documentary Spray Can Art Filmmaker Art Aeroso

Original oil on canvas: 60" by 60" "For what avail
Tags: freedom liberty nude female

Expect rape
Tags: pedo bear viagra girl scouts street rape growth male hormones penis sex pedophile

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
the vile things she had endured that first rape was the worst. Charity felt a pang of guilt that seeing her parents killed didnt rank above it, but somehow the rapes were more damaging. At least
Tags: Short Story

Peterson, and she is a villian known as Hurricane Jane. She is the daughter and result of a rape victim, and she therefore believes she's an accident! She's alive because of a tragedy. She also later
Tags: Contemporary Christian God Jesus Christ Chris

This is an oil pastel painting first and a Prismac
Tags: Edgar Degas The Rape still life pastels rose sunlight milk bottle

Once strangled, yound unspecting singer songwriter
Tags: lay Pe Blackwish Blackwish Rape Blackwishbones

Another really dark one, top three of all time for
want Hell, the ecstasy of Samael, I want to descendThe desires of my would-be Master invade my every pore I feel the need for Satan to pluck out my screaming soulFor him to rape me upon the Communion
Tags: poetry

Poster graphic taken from original oil on canvas:
Tags: freedom liberty sovereignty slavery nude femal

Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic

name is Stormi Jane Peterson, or Hurricane Jane. As the first verse sings, Stormi is the daughter of a rapist and a rape victim (and she is the result of that rape). From a horrible tragedy, she
Tags: contemporary Christian music song God Jesus Christ Christianity life rape accident accidental

when the devil sleeps, he dreams of dresden, of jonestown, of buchenwald, of hiroshima and the rape of nanking this tapestry of different colored sadisms, these masterpieces of clever cruelty
Tags: poem poetry religious devil

Because Uganda now days is trying so had to revive the girl-child from many aspects be it education, rape and defilement plus many other things, so i decided to paint a young girl to depict the agony
Tags: Oil on canvas

I will be getting a new camera soon. Thanks for wa
Tags: human nature parody funny comedy hilarious balls awkward song karaoke coday amanda blogtv steve westin travis debra rape smooth criminal

no more cages no isolation devices no more rape no more screwed brains no more cripples
Tags: sufferanimal rights liberation exploitation meat vivisection slaughter abuse factory farms circus entertainment isolation devices rape artifical insemination battery cage

a family of satanist terrorize tourist who travel
so he isnt paying any attention .the twins are able to read minds and knows what each one of them is thinking about them .they mind plot with each other ,planning to rape the women and torture the men
Tags: satanisttouristsrituals