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Don't have any of my own kids yet so I am submitting a picture of my cousin. I love the look on his girl. He was thinking he was real macho
Tags: football kids

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
for a door get away here comes a little yodi...it's a male nurse...hmmm,this vein looks nice...yeah for blood sucking, I'm thinking! Why when you bump your butt..do they need blood??? Isn't
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short Story..Fantasy short story on how not to set
I was sitting in the rocking chair on my front pourch thinking of ways to present a book for you & I kept getting bothered by fairies & lepreacans.They just kept flying about in grat swams & dive
Tags: S. Staley

", "Mutual". Our myspace address is www.myspace.com/doubled09s Ch I wrote this I wrote this song I wrote this song for you I wrote this song for you Ch 1. Sitting here just thinking
Tags: Acoustic; Rock; Double D's

I am thinking
Tags: art

Did the chorus and the verse you hear for a homie a couple years ago. thinking about making it a full length track
Tags: Love R&B Slow

An Idea I have had since 2003 and been working on off and on since then thinking of picking it back up. what do you all think
Tags: Charlie and Oscar Trevor Waldron TV ART Com

Tags: ???

Tags: baby thinking

I was thinking of drawing this as my self-portrait (since I haven't done one yet), but the guitar came out too dark so I'll just have to find something better
Tags: sean gordon shonsta guitar final fantasy

The memory of you is caught in my head like a thorn on a vine. I pick and I pry. But no matter what I do I can't stop thinking of you. I just don't want to loose your face. Your beautiful smile
Tags: Caught Thorn Head Hands Soft Beautiful Vines

Tags: fence me thinking

A lighthearted spoken comedy on the brain. I do ho
Tags: Poetry Brain insane

a little boy hoping for a foul ball
Tags: boy baseball

This is probably the oldest piece I still have any
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

I think I wrote this piece about the same time I wrote Elements of Wishful Thinking (1981/1982 or so). I wasn't really too crazy about the piece...(which happens sometimes)...but I did like the name
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

i was in a thinking mood
Tags: feelings sad mood

Thinking forward! Colourful vision of man
Tags: Colourful vision of man

Tags: Mmmm..??