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I was stopped at a gas station when I spotted this beautiful female Black Widow. I took out my camera and started snapping shots. She ran at me a few times, even got her web on my camera! lol She
Tags: spider black widdow

this is a poem I wrote about a year ago...
or family. We are beaten down at times in this game of life with storms,not knowing when the light will set us free,but the light is there and the ships comes in and we are joyous and happy when it does We
Tags: by Sheryl Staley

Short Story on life in my home with children~
...I don't even cry when I get hurt I just go OWWWWWWCH....and swear a couple times get up and go on....ROFL. I ask her if I can touch it...NOOOOOOOOO she yells and gets up to get a band aid saying
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

A poem I wrote
from the moon light. For I hold my wishes And deal with the pain later,inspite of the hard times my soul flies. To lift the feelings I have inside I always feel the pain but why dwell
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Poem I wrote about a bird we once had~
My little green bird I have a parrot named Ozzy but at times we call him fuzzy He is a great talker and loves attention I love him so and everyone knows He loves me back Ozzy was a baby when I got
Tags: S.Staley

Poem of voices some people hear when they have a m
to pop!I hear them tell me to do crazy things that others would not think of such things.I wish at times to be left alone without these things running all nite thru my mind.I can't get out of the past
Tags: S.Staley

just thoughts..short writing poem
the same way growing up. I wish at times they were still around to talk with & find out... Times have changed makes me wonder about my grandchildren and how they will be brought up..Hmmm.. May we all
Tags: S.Staley

Bachelor Button, some times called a Corn Flower, but the corn flower is larger
Tags: batchelor button nature corn flower

evolving and I vary it a bit from night to night. It more or less depends on how many times the audience will go with me on the word bitch
Tags: Stu Baker stand up comedy comic bitch Handica

There were times you were far but near - my love flooded, expanding itself in rhymes of newly born dawns There were times the night spoke of miracles and magic your words tearing
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

Funny sketch I wrote about times we'd all like to replace ourselves with someone else, mainly a geek. (Part 1
Tags: geekfunnylaughbriantitusproject2improv

A sketch I wrote about those times we wish we could replace ourselves with someone else, namely a geek. Part 2
Tags: laughgeekdorkfunnybriantitusproject2improv

This was taken in March 07, during the fashion show that I put on at my school. This theme was 60s/Mod, and the song we used was "My Girl". Cute, fun times
Tags: Fashion show

This is a sketch from the Second season premiere of the G-man Show. In which the sidekick hits some tough times
Tags: G-Man Show sketch

Ralf gets slammed into a wall multiple times with our new party game
Tags: RalfTerroristTouristAttractionTTAslam

Created with cute sad girls in mind. -Photoshop -Wacom Tablet -cute fun times
Tags: blue designer sad girl cute

Fun times. Experimental. Self Portrait. -Illustrator -Photoshop -Wacom Tablet -Wheaties cereal
Tags: funky colorful fun girly

This is a image of me originally for my self portrait assignment where i had to put myself in the image a minimum of three times. Completed this in photoshop. I believe this image shows a few
Tags: portraiture portrait photoshop creative people

the first song of our new demo
Tags: Hard Times Rock The Black Mamba The Bald Session

of adapting to chronic illness. The intention is to not only show a reflection of the artist, but also in hope of the viewer seeing themselves in difficult times and the emotional strength within to be able
Tags: painting acrylic secret reflections reflection